Shearwater PERDIX AI – Recreational and technical scuba diving computer

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The Perdix AI is capable of connecting to either one or two transmitters giving the diver the option to monitor both tanks or dive sidemount. Offering all of the same great features of the Perdix, the Perdix AI uses its large, easy-to-read screen to clearly display the tank pressure as well as your gas time remaining. Powerful, Simple, Reliable, is now Air Integrated.

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Rating: 4.76

  1. Salman Ahmed Ansari says

    I've been diving since 1983, gone through three computers, this is my fourth and I say this in the best of the Best! hands down!!

  2. mark hughes says

    if you use the two transmitter option to monitor your dive buddies gas, (ie, the second transmitter is on your buddies tank) what is the maximum distance that it will read before loosing connection.

  3. Andre N says

    The best.

  4. hed420 says

    What camera did you guys use to film this underwater ?

  5. Lucian T. says

    how can we win this? newsletter said click on the video but that cant be all..

  6. Lin Huang says

    Just love this computer! I'm a new diver, I got my Perdix AI right after I got my OW diver license 2 month ago. I have dived with my computer 4 times in lake now, I don't have much experience with other dive computers, but I really want to say the Perdix AI is the best computer for all kinds of divers. 
    1. I love the LED screen, helps so much in the muddy lake.
    2. The computer has lots of feature, and its surprisingly easy to use.
    3. Its way more powerful than most of the entry-level dive computer, but its perfect for both recreational dive and technical dive.
    4. It looks coooooooooool! Personally love the look of shearwater dive computers. I'm not a big fan with those watch style dive computer. I think a dive computer must looks like a dive computer.
    5. GREAT build quality! when hold it in your hand you feel it is the dive computer you can rely on.

  7. RoboCNC Frees- & Graveerwerk says

    One day….. 🙂

  8. ARCTiC ITA says

    Well done!

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