MASKS for Freediving | SNORKELS for Freediving | Everything you Need to Know

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Freediving masks, diving masks, snorkels! If you’re looking to buy a diving mask, freediving mask or snorkel, change mask or just want to know more about freediving gear then this video is perfect for you. Which mask is the best? Which mask should you buy? Choosing the right mask makes such a difference to how comfortable you will feel in the water

This video covers: the types of masks, what to look for in a mask, how to find one that fits you, how to prepare your mask to dive. It also covers snorkels and everything you need to know about snorkels for freediving

If you’re interested in having a look at some great dive gear head to this website:

If you want to know more about freediving equipment check out this video:

Rating: 4.93

  1. Luvliy says

    his way of talking is so ugly

  2. Click Diver says

    ray blockers i use

  3. iChan Cunanan says

    very informative channel, all those advice on improving breath hold and training are really helping out, cheers mate

  4. whisperdj says

    rob allen mask rules


    Nice video Adam

  6. Dee Cee says

    i have a colection of masks haha,i gues my favorit for snorkeling and salow free diving will surprise ya as it is a very ole fasion mask whit an big oval glas ,the kind ya see Jaque Coustau using in his documentary series ,loved that guy he realy got a lot of ppl in to diving and nature conservation

  7. Speed YT says

    Is the calibro cressi a good mask

  8. Dino King says

    I love your energy and your passio. Thank you for explaining very well

  9. Neem Tree says

    Is that okay to de fogging a tempered glass mask?

  10. RJS_LOL says

    hi! is the octomask freediver a good mask?

  11. mammoth penguin says

    What if you burn tinted masks does that effect the tint

  12. silver sound says

    Can I birn with a lighter a clear-silicone mask lens?

  13. Tyler Deth says

    My nose i just very flat so its hard to pinch my nose

  14. Hayden 217 says

    Mares Viper.

  15. ken mcdonald says

    You're pretty weird but your info was helpful.

  16. AtlasMan says

    wheeeey russel brand

  17. 4DaOcean says

    What is you opinion on low volume masks with just a mone lens? instead of 2 lenses? which would be better? For me the mono lens one looks cooler! and that's why we freedive roght? haha

  18. Prince Brian Whacknese says

    just got a cressi calibro. it fits good in my face!

  19. Luke Griffiths says

    CALL ME DADDY love it

  20. Valentina Prida says

    I was aiming for a monocrystal mask, but in my local dive shops the ones I tried on didn't fit my face, and I didn't want to buy one online, so I ended up buying the Cressi Calibro in white and pink, very girly

  21. 铁蛋儿Tyler says

    3:46! HAHAHAHAHAHA LOVE IT!!! You're a gangster, Adam. Thanks for the great videos. Love your humility.

  22. Anthony says

    i just dont understand why a dry snorkel is frowned upon for freediving/spearfishing someone pls explain

  23. Fran. Domljan says

    My eyesight is really bad… I've just now begun to search for better gear for freediving and snorkeling. I'm 15 and still learning… Is there maybe a mask with lenses that act like lenses that you find in glasses or should I just use contact lenses.

  24. nattitude says

    I get why splashguards are redundant for free divers but would you recommend them for surface-dwellers? I’ve mainly kicked around in shallow waters and while holding my breath has worked really well in the past, I’m now finding it more appealing to keep breathing continuously. Only had a j snorkel as a kid and didn’t like it at all for what I was doing, hence why I stopped using a snorkel all together, but I’ve been thinking about trying a “dry” one. Yay or nae?

  25. strange concept says

    Nice easy to follow videos. Keep up the good work Adam!

  26. youngest flexer says

    how the fuck can u breathe with a snorkel under water ?

  27. JanDiver21 says

    I use the mares viper

  28. itzOliie says

    I use a pound land mask … budget boi

  29. Gucci Potter says

    I have




  30. marco garcia says

    What can you say about full face snorkel mask?

  31. janolewilhelmsen says

    Hello. I just strated freediving, well spearfishing/snorkling, and I've been watching a lot of your videos for tips. When I put my mask on at home and suck throug my nose, my mask sticks, and feels like it's a good fit. But when putting in or taking out the snorkle of my mouth, there is a leak under the mask. Just while doing it, not while keeping the snorkle in. Is this normal? I've only been out in the water one time with my equipment, but I struggeled with my mask filling up quite frequent.

  32. Josh. C says

    I always feel like he is doing an airplane safety demonstration

  33. sneekerstattoo says

    Cool video,thanks for sharing.

  34. Black Rat says

    In my mask i don't have silicone. I dunno how to call tuis material but it is good

  35. BananaNinja says

    Found your channel today and i already love it!


    Hi adam, I have an aqualung micromask and omer UP-M1 both have a good sealed when I put it on my face, but when I go underwater there is a leaked, I believe its come under my nose, especially when I exhale the air into the mask. Fyi im clean shave. Do you have any idea why this happen, and any advise. Thanks in advance.

  37. Fishing with Griff says

    Subscribe to me

  38. Mike Constantinou says

    Hey guys, im a freediver and after 5 years i got a new mask. i just got the mares xvision, and the moment i wear it fogs so bad, despite the fact that i put defoging paste before! Also when i dive in, water gets inside all the time and i have it pretty tigh on my face… Any suggestion?

  39. Princess Jade says

    Tusa freedom one is best for my face. It has low volume. It fits me well. Specially im asian its i can equalise better. Its nosepocket is not so big and not long pointed.

  40. 1218Tucker says

    my favorite mask is the hollis m1 frameless

  41. AmursUzNaglas says

    Is it neccessary I have mask (eyes + nose) covered or I can simply use swimming goggle + tube?

  42. Colt Kindall says


  43. Albert Rodriguez says

    Hey man I just ordered a new Cressi Calibro mask , they claim not to fog, are you familiar with them , any reviews from you part ? I really appreciated

  44. Caden Young _Series says

    Hi can you respond to this for my birth day

  45. Valdano says

    why not use swimming goggles?

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