Fortnite NEW Legendary Laser Chomp & Epic Scuba Diver Skins!! (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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New Fortnite Battle Royale new scuba skins and legendary Laser Chomp glider gameplay live with Typical Gamer!

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  1. John Robertsen says

    who is watching 2019 (ME) and 29 ads on the channel keep it up typical gamer

  2. Aiden gilpatrick says

    TG is awesome

  3. Jada Kenzø says

    1v1 ninja and you in playground

  4. drake scott says


  5. Daniel Jamjoom says

    23 ads boi u got so much money from dis livestrem ot vid didnt see

  6. Brandon Bell says


  7. Jorge Yepiz says

    Hi there

  8. Mubarak Hjj says

    You not h20delirius

  9. Ghxstii says


  10. Alex Cuellar says

    Play called of duty

  11. Gavin Dionisio says

    This video is sponsored by Galaxy S9

  12. Lynell Orlean says

    Hey tg

  13. Cassandra Prouty says

    Your good

  14. king jakyron says


  15. branndon g says

    Can you modded arc with Pokémon

  16. Jessica Anderson says

    tip top

  17. Tiger2537 0182 says

    You r th best

  18. Drinking fire says

    Looks at mid-roll ads coughing intensifies

  19. Xander Sealock says

    how much wins do you have

  20. Xander Sealock says


  21. Xander Sealock says

    I have

  22. Xander Sealock says

    Ice cream

  23. Xander Sealock says

    Guss what th I have 7 wins

  24. Xander Sealock says

    how do you keep wing

  25. Xander Sealock says

    I love you tg


    Do more of these

  27. otaku Doidao says

    My nick diniz_vieira

  28. Gage Andrews says

    How to get Xbox live

  29. Alisha ONeill says

    what up tg

  30. Joseph Myers says

    Upload playground

  31. Kim says

    I subribed hit that bell liked and shared

  32. Lil Geez says

    20 ads, really.

  33. Joshua Moore says

    naw bro sum times i watch ulive and sum times i dont but u pretty good any way <}

  34. The Beast says

    I think yeeeeeees

  35. Mohammed Ismail says

    can you play forest tg pls i like it its fun and hilarious

  36. The Deadheat says

    They detect how fat you have to see if you’re worth eating or not

  37. Michelle Murdock says

    I finally saw his eBay commercial. It was so awesome


    I think TG has Ligma

  39. Carrie Brown says

    Saaaaaaaa! Tg

  40. Bye bye Woww says


  41. Seth Rudin says

    do playgrounds with samara theifs and axvry

  42. Mr. DoubleKill says

    The thing wasn’t on the skin it was actually the back playing so if you use a different background with that mail skin you would’ve been fine love you TG 🙂

  43. Mr. DoubleKill says

    SCUBA Steve is from the movie big daddy I watched it literally was yesterday love you TG

  44. FUNFrenchy says


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