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Suunto D4i Novo dive computer / watch review

The Suunto D4i is the worlds most popular dive computer. Its popular with both scuba and freedivers alike.

The watch offer full set of air and nitrox scuba modes – as well as a high quality freediving mode.

The Suunto’s 2014 version of the D4i has great new styling, and is probably my favourite looking dive watch.

The only negative being the expensive battery change, which required you to send the watch into a Suunto certified service center. If there is no such service center near you, you can expect this to be a lengthy and expensive process.

Other than that, you really cannot go wrong with the Suunto D4i Novo.

For those scuba divers out there, I hope you can still get some value from this video even though I am mostly covering the freediving functions.

Do let me know your thoughts on the watch in the comments section below.

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Rating: 4.48

  1. whynottalklikeapirat says

    The problem with Suunto is that the straps crumble and replacements are expensive. How much money have I spent on shitty straps for the Mosquito and the D6 … and btw, both of their depth gauges eventually broke down, rendering them useless for diving. I love the product but not the hassles …

  2. Alberto Campagna says

    Hello! The dive time alarm, can you set it for example every 15, 30 o 60 seconds, for example? For freediving? Thanks for your help!

  3. André Morais says

    Thank you for the great review.
    How is this watch better than the d4f for freediving and is it worth the difference in price from your opnion?
    Thank you,

  4. Terje says

    Thanks for useful review !

  5. Mihailo Horvat says

    ScubaPro Mantis is best looking, just mine opinion.

  6. chrisone2007 says

    i cannot find any store, local or online, display shield for this d4i-novo, the one with thick and transparent silicon rubber.

  7. Oli ver says

    could you do a comparison between the D4i and the new aqua lung i450t?

  8. דור אדלשטיין says

    So I can take any color I want?

  9. דור אדלשטיין says

    I asked you for a certain depth discoloration?

  10. דור אדלשטיין says

    Hello What color do you recommend recreational diving?

  11. Hassan Eeman says

    hi there, is there any options i could turn on display light on D4i? at night its pretty difficult to check the display :/


  12. דור אדלשטיין says

    What color do you recommend?

  13. Morena Linda says

    Is it a little difficult to read? Underwater

  14. Marlie Havier says

    Do you have a dealer here in the Philippines for suunto d4i

  15. Dani Kantele says

    I found a used Suunto D6 for good price, but he changed recently the battery in normal watch shop and was pleasure tested as well. I am a bit skeptic on if that was done properly, so wanted to see what you think?

  16. Dani Kantele says

    apart from external changes what is the upgrade in D4i novo from older D models that it's worth the money? I'd use it for free dive and scuba. What would be approx battery life if I use it only a month or two a year (on holidays)..

  17. Aqua Holic says

    Just scooped one of these up…for scuba obviously lol. Can't wait to try it out diving. Really enjoying your Saipan series. I am making a trip there in August!

  18. Nikola Jankovic says

    Would you consider Cressi Drake over Suunto D4i Novo?
    Have you got the chance to see/use Cressi Drake?

  19. Tome Zhao says

    What kind of G shock your wearing?

  20. Bjørnar Iversen says

    what`s your view on the price difference between this watch and the oceanic f10 v3? I`m looking to buy a watch but I`ll use it mainly for freediving and as a regular watch. Is the D4i worth the extra cash ignoring the extra dive functions.

  21. Алексей Лёха says

    D4i vs. Aeris F11 for freediving – you choose?

  22. Bryan Calhoun says

    three modes. AIR, NITROX AND FREE DIVE  those are your modes.

  23. Bryan Calhoun says

    how much?  in USD$?   amazon?or direct from Suunto ?   more than 600$?  or  about there some what?

  24. Dario martinez says

    Looking forward to the video of the USB connector

  25. steven uk1 says

    The Suunto D series (D4i, D6i, DX) dive watches are great, but the one big problem and probably the only problem is the non-user replaceable battery… a real nuisance!

  26. anon2k10 says

    too bad those dive watches haven't got rechargeable batteries yet as most other sport watches, e.g. for running, cycling, etc. already have ..

  27. Ednaldo Melo says

    witch one is better mares puck pro or suunto d4i?

  28. Andrew Merry says

    Do you think 2s sampling rate is ok for freediving?  Thanks for the help, I appreciate it!

  29. Carletdesiles says

    On my D4 (first version of it). All the alarms are the same in all mode. It means that when you set a depth notify at 20m in the dive free mode you also set (at the same time) the depth notify in air and nitrox modes. it's the same for depth alarm. I was wondering if it's the same for the D4i novo (I think it is).
    It's also a pity (for that price) that there is no minimum surface time between two succcessives free dive according to the number of dives you've done their time and depth to minimise the risk of decompression troubles with repetitive deep and long dive during a period of time and the ascending rate.

    And thanks for sharing your free dive experiences  ! Even if it's bad ones sometime ! Always found that usefull.

  30. wladius says

    I'm thinking of buying a computer for freediving and Omer UP-X1 caught my eye, mainly because of the heart rate monitor. What do you think of it?

  31. venge232 says

    Great video! I was wondering if you experience any trouble with the wrist strap? I hear a lot of people had their wrist strap break after only a few months. Also the backplate of the watch changes color and looks like it starts to rust. Are you familiar with any of these issues?

  32. Anton Alalaev says

    Thanks for review! I'm glad to watch new video from you!

  33. Marek F says

    look really nice

  34. Connor Whitman says

    can you change it to feet instead of meters

  35. DjMiBsweden says

    finally a new video from you =) thought u were lost in space.. or deep 😉 

  36. kkao68 says

    good tip on the sample rate!

  37. Mahmoud Samy says

    thanks Dean

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