My Personal Fins

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My Personal Fins

Here is a list of the fins that I wear on a day in day out basis, and why I chose the particular ones.

Mares X-Stream

Mares Avanti Super Quattro

Mares Wave Full Foot Fins

Mares Power Plana

Mares XR Power Plana

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Rating: 5.00

  1. Tamer Ibrahim says

    Can any body tell me what the plastic peice inside the pocket do? And is it come with all versions of mares avanti quattro?

  2. Jano L says

    Good video. Just a suggestive criticism- "works good" is bad English. The correct would be "works well"

  3. john metyk says

    Your Mares power fin reminds me of my Dacor graphite fins stiff as a board 30 yrs old and still kickin.

  4. Roger Wood says

    Can the mares x-stream be used without boots? Or this is a model to be used only with boots?

  5. MrTigertennis says

    I have the mares avanti quattro plus and I'm thinking about purchasing the mares x stream but I am seeing some negative reviews. Is there any guidance you can offer me on the subject? I am new to diving and plan to primarily dive in south fl, the caribbean, the springs in central fl, and in the Quarry here in the Atlanta area where I live. Thank you for your time. Also can you frog kick in the mares x streams?

  6. Mr W says

    Very informative. Thank you.

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