Dive Hood, Gloves & Boots Guide

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Both thermal and abrasion protection are offered by your diving hoods, gloves and boots. The thicker the warmer but you sacrifice dexterity or hearing for warmth so a compromise is best.
1.5mm is fine for the tropics, 3mm where you need a combination of movement and warmth, 5mm for warmth and 7mm for lots of thermal protection whilst diving.
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  1. Fishing boys Ya says

    0.5 is the thinnest hood

  2. WolfGaming FX says

    I got stung by FIRE CORAL recently so I definitely need to buy some gloves any suggestions on which one is best for tropical dives and 60° F Or more?

  3. Sparryax says

    Hey! I'm PADI OW certified. I dived in dutch springs PA for a 60' fun dive. I needed a 7mm wetsuit 5mm hood and 5mm glove. Jesus was I cold. My head was fine but my hands, Jesus Christ.

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