How To Choose A Scuba Diving Mask Or Snorkelling Mask

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How to Choose a Scuba Diving Mask or Snorkelling Mask
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Choosing a mask that provides a good fit and has all the features you want is crucially important to enjoying scuba diving or snorkeling to its maximum potential. A poor fitting or uncomfortable mask can really affect your experience or even deter people from exploring our oceans and inland waters.

This video will run through the different components of a mask and provide details of the different features and specifications that you will face when choosing a mask. It also details some of the advantages and disadvantages of different styles and features depending on use.

The video covers topics such as frame and lens design, skirt material and features, lens glass grades, buckle systems, and straps.

– Simply Scuba
– Kelvin Packham
– Tim Harrison
– Holly Jarrett

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  1. Luke Heironimus says

    I've also got the Cressi big eyes evolution

  2. Rachel says

    Great basic information on the different type parts of the mask and great reasoning!

  3. Paris Yee says

    Super informative and well organized. Thanks a lot!

  4. shadyonice says

    Turn ON Close Captions(CC)….LOL

  5. Petrey's Plantation says

    Great video! A+

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