1. Sailing Celtic says

    your my kind of straight talking guy. just subscribed, keep the videos coming, FAIR WINDS T.J.

  2. Mel’s World says

    shouldn't be sold but I'm going to put it back on eBay loli hope the person that brought it don't see this video

  3. Core Sunshine says

    Cheer up! Tiny little bass boat waves and there goes your day. Hey folks never speed buy a boat with an American flag, they just might pull out a gun. Sorry dude, didn't mean to spoil another day, break out some Alan Watts and quit bitching.

  4. Michael Ryan says

    Thanks for the heads up on this piece of equipment. I was actually going to purchase one. Pretty interesting stuff.

  5. History Hunter says

    Where are you located please? City , State?

  6. Makyrie says

    You have a great channel. I haven’t watched a lot but what I have I really liked. ROFL You do have a bit of an Anger problem, but I’m the same way. So no worries…. Try not to mind the Idiots who by their comments prove they have never been on the water except for Maybe going to the beach. It always disappoints me to see that people are becoming more and more only self aware. They don’t think of others, even their own families. I’m a bit older and can remember when people had a bit of concern ,respect and courtesy toward others. I was raised in a water loving family. We spent as much time as we could on the water. As I grew to a man I kept the lessons I learned. The slow down for another boat thing is not only for courtesy. That is one of the reasons, but safety is another major concern. When my son was 4 1/2 years old we took them crabbing in one of our smaller boats. We were doing fine and were close to shore as the tide was low and the crabs were feeding most on the debris that came out of the water as the tide water left the marshes. My wife had just pulled a basket up full of beautiful blue crabs. My young son was very excited and knew better but was jumping up and down in joy. At the exact time another boat came by doing 4 or 5 times faster than was safe for a creek on low tide or anywhere close to another boat. The wake was very large and both my wife, two daughters and myself had to hold on to keep from being thrown out. Both my wife and I were trying to catch my son but the boat tipped toward him in the middle of a jump. He went right over the side. He had on a life preserver but the orange pads only covered the front top half of his body. He landed I shallow water but the bottom was an oyster bed. He was very, VERY HORRIBLY cut on his back, the backs of his legs and fore arms. I tell you honestly that’s the worst thing for a parent to see. Their young child surrounded by a pool of brackish ( gray,green) water and Blood. So much blood. I tried to pick him straight up out of the water and clean him. He was not having it. He struggled and screamed till I thought me eardrums would burst. Because there were chips of oyster all over him we decided to just cover him and get to the emergency room. I radioed ahead so an ambulance was waiting for us. I know I’m writing a novel here and apologize. Needles to say it took 9 hours to clean him and put the 118 stitches he needed. At 4:30 am we were finally able to see our baby again. Looking back now it’s funny to think he looked like a mummy covered head to foot with clean (mostly) white bandages. We stayed night and day with him because he was afraid. We would never have left him anyway. He was lucky and the Doctors were able to stave off infection. We took our son home on the 4th day. Because he was so young most of the scars have faded and disappeared. All but a few. He will carry those forever……… ALL of this happened because someone couldn’t bother slowing down a little even though they had to see we had young children. That boat and people were etched in my brain even though I only saw them for a second. Every time from then on our trips were a little sadder because I was looking for that boat. A piece of my mind was gonna be the last thing they got from me. My Son recovered and still LOVES the water. He now takes out his family for Crabbing adventures. Thank you to ANYONE who took the time to read this. I hope it was helpful for some who may not understand WHY!

  7. Tim Dudenkov says

    Can you please post the website where you got the pump please?

  8. Dave George says

    Did that regulator seem turn valve on easy when you inhale?

  9. Dave George says

    Add a tee to the hose out into a tank or a big rubber intertube, it will store air while your exhaling and if you stay shallow you should get plenty of air.

  10. Lee Richardson says

    Does not work total junk system .I got robbed .Not enough air and no contact with company.Dont waste your money .350.00 down the drain.It is. Fish pump with a hose and cheap regulator.

  11. Lee Richardson says

    This system is total junk.Bought one you don't get enough air.Do not buy this i fell for it .Hooked it up to a new deep cycle battery before heading to the water could not even get enough air.Tryed to contact company they did not return my message for help .They are going to get someone killed.I paid 350.00 for it.Bought off of ebay.Made in China people.No i am stuck with a fish tank pump.Come to find out they are a pond airgation pump.

  12. Brin Star says

    I Like To See More What You Do
    in A Future

  13. Brin Star says

    I Want To See More What You Do

  14. Durim Beqiri says

    Fuck your family

  15. metal detectors says

    Hello! what parameters have your pump? i saw max can get at 12v 160Lpm 120W.

  16. Dmitry Nechaev says


  17. Rudi Halbright says

    Thanks for your post — I had a feeling the claims were too good to be true and you confirmed and saved me the hassle — much appreciated!

  18. yolo420 says

    1000 subs

  19. Brian Evolved says

    .you say nothing prove nothing time waster sorry

  20. Ron Teal says


  21. Christopher Catalano says

    I don't know this for certain but I imagine you can take the hose from the system you have and cut the ends off and attach a 1st stage to 1 end and a 2nd stage to the other then you can attach it to a scuba tank and breath of the bottle while it's still in the boat and your on the water. be woth a shot for an experiment if you can buy some cheap parts from eBay or something.

  22. Jakethesnake says

    well thats good man keep doing your thing

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