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Portable Lungs is now for sale on our website! ABOVE


I’m am certified and have thoroughly studied the gas laws of scuba diving in order to make this creation possible for my fellow adventurers!

Rating: 4.69

  1. Jared Eglinski says

    I found four type of hand pump portable SCUBA lungs. This was the fairest priced, and this video was the icing on the cake for me. Now I can investigate hypoxic dead zones in the lakes of Alberta. Nothing can stop me now.

  2. sarah b says

    (UK) follower:) unreal fab is not enough of brilliant WORD(Man + River) brilliant but if kit:))))

  3. Ey says

    I got two questions for you dive
    1.Is this still on sale?
    2.Do you ship to Australia or have any stores here?

  4. Daniel Vázquez Guevara says

    is the system oil free?

  5. Pete Stickles says

    Does the pump blow safe air?

  6. Claudio Furlanis says

    hello,how many minutes to handpump it until ful to stay 12/15 minutes underwater? thanks

  7. My Design says

    2 bottles it can get 60 min so get a twin connection to it? i BUY 2 bottles…possible? send to sweden

  8. Fishiki Fly Fishing says

    Awesome! I'm going to have to give one of these a try. I plan to do some underwater spearfishing this year.

  9. Wesley Hall says

    So like with regular suba tanks you have to wait a certain time before coming up. Is this the same or you just put it on jump in and just come right out?

  10. New-News channel says

    In Thailand?

  11. Guybrush Threepwood says

    Should have called it dolphin lungs

  12. Neil Gagarin says

    nice thing, but there are many people who do not know the dangers of decompression, I hope they inform and recommend courses. since it can be deadly, even at a shallow depth

  13. I Love Minecraft says

    Do you need a license?

  14. Jake Castion says

    So dope. Loved scuba diving in Florida. Even tho my “expert” allowed my tank to run bingo at 35 feet deep on ocean floor no where in sight. Even still don’t panic and just assend at speed of bubbles. I lived no issues, this product looks great not for 35 feet lol but rolling over a river bottom would be perfect

  15. Niklas Sköldmark says

    What is the volume of the tank and what is the psi-rating?

  16. Thulio Santos says

    A dream that I can not have in Brazil. Maybe one day.

  17. Franziskus Vonnegut says

    Where can I buy this?

  18. Victor Ferrera says

    where can you buy this thing lol…..

  19. TheOtherDan says

    Man. I'm SO disappointed I got scammed by the Scorkl before this came along. Trust me, if I ever get my money back I'll be ordering one of these in a heartbeat.

  20. DAIRO MOJICA says

    Hello good day, I am interested in the product, I live in Colombia where I can buy it, thanks.

  21. ÉN says

    Shut up and take my money I knew how to build something much better from that.

  22. Frederick Steinmann says

    I would be interested to use this as a bridge between snorkeling and scuba.
    I am not certified but i do not think i will dive over 5m deep.
    Is this ok

  23. Minh Châu says

    What is the name?

  24. Curtis Nelson says

    Can you guys make one that can take 30 minutes of air?

  25. Torbis says

    What happens if you dive 9+ meters?

  26. bill and ben says

    This is awesome im saving up for one , but how do you know when you are about to run low on air ?, do you just set your dive watch for 10 minutes or something ??

  27. Harman Santoso Goey says

    sir.. may i know.. how long.. how many minutes to handpump it until full? when it full, can we leave it that way for a year?

  28. Anthony Narvaez says

    AWESOME! I've been looking for a small and portable air tank for a while now, and this is it!

  29. Passion For Treasure says

    OMG way better than the UBA Snorkel. And even better than a 12 volt Hookah System. This would be so good for my underwater treasure hunts. Is it possible to put any kind of scuba pressure guage on it ?

  30. NadaV says

    U are from israel?

  31. NadaV says

    You're still selling it?

  32. Dubzy Luck says

    Were can i buy?

  33. Jarno Piarno says

    Is it leagal under 18

  34. Merciful Avenger says

    That's fucking awesome take my money now

  35. Diveportablelungs says

    Now available world wide
    Link in description!

  36. Diveportablelungs says

    message me!

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