1. 7316bobe says

    I like it

  2. Sebastian Nix says

    Wow, THAT is really dangerous! Your pump can easily produce up to 200bar 3500psi but you have no 1st stage to reduce that down to 5bar 100psi your regulator is rated for. You want to rip your lungs? That's the way you go…
    You had good luck that you didn't fill up the bottle to max pressure

  3. Scuba Doctor Dive Shop says

    This is just so wrong and so dangerous on so many different levels. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. There is every chance you could kill or seriously injure yourself and/or others!

  4. Sondre Lorenzen says

    I an a master scuba-diver you can only use this to the drai sout air conditioning

  5. Cindy Vo says

    Your lungs will pop and give you massive injuries if you do not know how to deal with water pressure when you are surfacing #do not do this #lung poisoning

  6. James M. says

    Just pump it up to whatever PSI? I can tell you shop at Home Depot. This is the reason I quit shopping there.

  7. michael paulissen says

    One of the worse vdeos I have seen, you will get someone hurt or killed with your bullshit video! This video needs to be removed

  8. benni böhm says

    Dude there is a reason for the high price tags on commercial scuba gear. Don't be as stupid as this guy!!!!!!!

  9. Get deaded says

    How did you clean the tank and what pump do you use I’m going to try this

  10. Gabriel Medina says

    People say scuba divers are crying but , dont you see a pattern honey? If every person with training in the topic is saying DONT DO IT it has meant something right?
    The biggest misconception people make is believing diving is all about breathing underwater and that the worst thing that can happen is to run out of air. You dont even begin to comprehend how dangerous this type of videos are.
    Quick training
    -You go up too fast you die
    – you stop breathing you die
    -you panic you die
    – you run out of air you die
    – the air inside you clever tank is not filtered you die
    – you pass a specific depth you die
    – you get nitro narcosis you die

    There is a reason you cant dive without licence the same way you dont jump out of a ariplane without training. More people die doing scuba diving than skydiving so just think about that for a second.

  11. Nice work Dude legend

  12. Smac says


  13. tommy stanley says

    Jesus Christ how dangerous is this. Please don’t do this shit people.

  14. Iam Rx74 says

    Next time try a propane tank..

  15. Khairil Fadly says

    Poison your lung with oil odour from hand pump…

  16. Rodrigo Lucenti says

    Parabéns pela ideia, vou fazer.

  17. Petar Dursun says

    Please STOP….bad idea

  18. Green alien says

    Dude i need help, I'm making a second one and i can't get the gauge off, how did you do it?

  19. Marlinspike says

    That little pump can get to 3000 psi? Sorry I don’t believe it. Also if everything is clean its still like using a water hose to breathe. Good on oil free air now there is rubber.

  20. aerospot2 says

    If ya really want to, SCUBA classes aren't that expensive! This is dangerous on a multitude of levels. Like kick'in in the stuck branch in the wood chipper… 🙂

  21. Tom S says

    Cool video. It was interesting to see you do this. Just be careful, there is serious danger with this invention.

  22. Jason Cook says

    If you're interested in scuba diving I'd suggest taking a proper course, it will illuminate why what you've made is so dangerous. To anyone watching this thinking of making something similar: ABSOLUTELY DO NOT.

  23. kevs things says

    Some things to be aware of if you don't want to kill yourself.:
    1) Some fire extinguisher bottles are not rated to 3000 psi. The shrapnel from an over pressured cylinder could kill you.
    2) A 2nd stage regulator needs a 1st stage regulator upstream of it to avoid overpresuring the hose. If the cylinder valve is open and the mask is not on your face, the 2nd stage will shut off the air and without a 1st stage the hose pressure will rise to the bottle pressure and rupture the hose which is only rated to about 300 psi, probably causing serious injury.
    3) Most 2nd stage regulators are designed to work with a hose pressure of about 150 psi. Supplying the 2nd with 20 tonnes its design pressure will likely cause it to malfunction. The next thing to over pressure if regulator fails is your lungs which is likely to be fatal.
    4) When rising from even a shallow depth like a swimming pool, you should never hold your breath. Not doing this can cause serious lung injury and internal bleeding.
    5) if you dive to more than 30ft for extended periods you need to consult dive tables and make safety stops at certain depths when ascending to slowly release excess Nitrogen dissolved in your blood. Not doing this correctly can result in possibly fatal injury from the bends.
    6) Avoid breathing contaminated air. Use hoses suitable for breathing air. Use oil free air pumps or compressors. Use filters. Meticulously clean the insides of cylinders and hoses before use.
    7) Take a SCUBA diving course.

    Sorry for the lecture. Just don't want people dying out there 😉

  24. Green alien says

    What thread size does the regulator hose have?

  25. Waggoner Kranmer says

    I’m not even worry about the bad quality air that you are breathing in, but with the big chance of the 2nd stage literally EXPLODE in your mouth by over pressure!!! You need reduce the intermediary pressure! If you know the basics physics you’ll know that a globe valve can’t replace a pressure regulator.
    Please forget this project and if you really like the under water world, just get a PADI certificate. It’s not so expensive, and you will learn it for real!

  26. Nathan Gagnon says

    I really hope no one does this your going to kill yourself slowly , empty or not your breathing whatever was charged in that tank. You can never get it all out! STUPID IDEA STOP DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS KID HE IS HURTING HIMSELF AND YOU IF YOU DO THIS!!!!

  27. Michael Beddoe says

    If you use this in >5' deep water and rise just a foot or two on a full breath, you will die coughing up pink foam because compressed air expands as it rises from any depth, faster the closer to the surface it is.

  28. Jonathan Bergeron says

    Natural Selection at work…

  29. DJxYoungz says

    How to explain that youre tired of living in 6mins….

  30. Sky Chaser says

    My dude. Listen carefully. Im not gonna scold you like some "youtube expert", but please for your sake. Use any compression method you like, as long as its OIL-LESS (not that hand pump). and 2, get a fist stage regulator (and a thicker tank) for anthing over 145psi

  31. Wydoin says

    People like this is the reason I have a job! (Firefighter/EMT) Keep it up Window Licker!!

  32. Ian Good says

    Death trap!

  33. Visblog Nl says

    Hoe much psi can your tank hold

  34. Colton Long says

    I just started scuba class and I’m only 12 and I even understand not to do this

  35. IamBanksie says

    this is nuts… no in line filter & a rubber hose… you're POISONING YOURSELF !!

  36. Micah Blake says

    This is awesome
    Thanks for sharing

  37. autorog1234 says

    What did you put in your lungs?

  38. Daniel Anderson says

    Do not do this! You'll hurt yourself!

  39. Dennis Haines says

    Incredibly dangerous. Proper equipment and training are needed for diving.

  40. Sli Fauxe says

    500psi with a pump that has probably 2sq in. Surface area for its head… So you put 1000lbs of pressure down on that bicycle pump?….

  41. Vp Raczynski says

    I applaud your ingenuity but there is so much that you don't know about scuba safety and scuba in general. DON'T DO THIS.

  42. JC Benavides says

    I'm a dive instructor and I would say STOP!!! DON'T! POISON,LUNG DAMAGE,BRAIN DAMAGE. NO ONE FOLLOW THIS GUY !

  43. Josh Janes says

    Enjoy your lung and brain injuries from using an unfiltered air pump… yes, there is still oil used in bike tire pumps. Aside from the whole cleaning a fire extinguisher with "water"… anyone who builds this should just go ahead and fill out their social security disability paperwork before using it while they still have the function to do so..

  44. SCUBAjoe show says

    This is absolutely unsafe

  45. b st john says

    all i see is a great way to get hurt you can and are over pressuring that 2nd stage regulator. i hope you dont get hurt……

  46. Shroud 133 says

    Ur one of the retards that I'll be pulling up off the bottom of the lake please don't continue this

  47. Werlanne Mercês says

    Hey, man! very cool your scuba tank! What pieces did you use to make the system? Thanks!

  48. H. H.C. says

    Amazing job brother thanks you !

  49. Mark Turney says

    That pump will poison you. Scuba tanks must be filled by "oil-less" compressors. Hoses must also be made of materials that are breathing safe. Breathing fumes while under pressure is even worse than breathing at atmospheric pressures. The hydrocarbons in that tank will damage your lungs, and your brain.

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