What Scuba Gear To Buy First | What to Buy First, Next and Last!

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What scuba gear do I need? This is a question we get a lot from beginners and in this video Arjan explains what scuba gear to get first. Also we tell you where you can save some money on certain types of dive gear.

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  1. Vitomir Maricic says

    freediving things rule. Cool.

  2. Salin Prasad says

    do you know where can i buy reef tourer masks (Reef Tourer Adult Snorkelset RC 0105 )..? i tried few websites. also amazon. but not sending to my address ..

  3. Roger Günther says

    Since reviews and other explain-things can be very boring… try to speed up a little bit with your voice and your videos will have a much better flow! (no offense here!) I already subcribed but I wanna see you having more subscribers in the future because qualitywise everything is fine.

  4. lyric z says

    What is better, colored mask or transparent mask?

  5. Salin Prasad says

    what is the best kind of anti fog masks to buy and good snorkal..?

  6. Piolo 2013 says

    I have a question: what abput the diving boots for the fins, last time I used my fins during a test to see and try them, I used them without boots and it was such an unconfortable experience, what can you recomend about diving boots and maybe some models to compare them? I am looking for a 3mm thickness

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