New UK Aqualite Pro and Aqualite-S Dive Lights

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The just released Aqualite Pro and Aqualite-S dive lights are the latest innovations from UK Dive.

At a killer 1200 lumens, the new Aqualite Pro will rock your socks off! A perfect low-profile light for underwater photography and videography, the Aqualite Pro 100° produces a smooth wide angle beam that evenly lights up a subject. Great for wide angle cameras like the GoPro. With four power settings that are easily toggled with one hand using the rear switch, it’s a very flexible light for any circumstance.

Aqualite-S 20 is UK’s latest handheld, powerful primary dive light. The narrow concentrated 20° beam reduces backscatter and works ideally as a primary light. With three power settings adjustable with an easy push button tail switch, you can always choose the ideal amount of light for your needs. With a maximum battery life of 9 hours there’s always plenty of light for your dive.

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  1. Jeff Morgan says

    Sorry but I have to be honest. Maybe something to do with the company buyout who knows. However I can't recommend the Aqualite PRO 20 eLED for the following reasons. 

    1. When using the rubber hand mount you should be sure to install the included Philips screw to secure it, don't trust the plastic latch. My light came loose and got lost prior to using the screw. Fortunately I recovered the light on at the bottom of the lake. 

    2. Purchased at the end of 2018 and on first dive (with clean o-ring seals, proper silicon, and secured light head) the unit flooded and had to be sent in for replacement. The turnaround took way too long for replacement, this just after the company was being handed off. Of course the LDS, local dive shop, wan't going to offer one from their stock as the warranty is with UK. At the same time a previous diver had the same model flood before mine and another divers flooded just after mine. 

    3. When using the rubber hand mount it is quite difficult at times to twist the tail cap for the different standard light modes. Further more its extremely hard to operate the SOS feature properly even when not mounted on the back of the hand. All in all these are design issues.

    4. Recently after one year of diving and maintaining clean o-ring seals found a bit of moisture inside the light head, didn't kill the LED but left dried salt fog all over the mirror reflector cone. No way to wipe the cone clean as the LED mount is glued or press fit into the head.

    I enjoy the light weight compact and back of the hand mount but the light simply is not reliable to stay in my fleet of gear after all these pointed out hassles and not isolated to just me. And this is why we always dive with multiple lights.

    Others may have good results but I think there is better options especially in the LED light market as there is a lot of varied options in the market place.

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