1. Preston Peery says

    Well dont have to waste 5000 dollars for a rebreather anymore, as i've probably spent 250,000 on them without knowing there was scuba gear lol. Thanks dude!

  2. Mallfee says

    Can't you actually say actually more?

  3. Max Miller says

    What clothing store.. any? Or a certain one

  4. Paige Jez says

    Can't find it

  5. PavPete says

    this vid helped a lot, thanks!

  6. oh Yeah yeah says

    Is this a dlc?

  7. Devon Hoffman says

    Thank you. Grateful!

  8. Ash Gaming says

    i found the song yaaaaaaaaay

  9. Capt Flea says

    I was wondering if these actually worked but Should've known since its GTA.

  10. Alpha 01 says

    So… Rebreathers are useless now? Good video! ✔

  11. IceGuard 125 says

    Alot better than the rebreathers from the heist update

  12. I Aim To Please says

    Can you do the animation from story mode?

  13. ReviewTechUSSR says

    Reminds me of Endless Ocean

  14. James Thom says

    I bought this for 160k….now it won't spawn, or even in the style on your phone

  15. Sinbad says

    Freaking finally

  16. They have video helped a lot thanks

  17. Mr Pineappleman says

    I did not know this good vid

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