Wetsuit Thickness Guide

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Wetsuit Thickness Guide
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  1. PauseStompers says

    I'm going to be diving in a mountain lake, I'm gonna guess the water temp will be anywhere from 50°f to 40°f or below, I don't plan on going deep, just enough to checkout the plants and animals, but want some protection against the cold, I've seen some Neoprene, Nylon mix wetsuits that are 5mm chest and back, 4mm on the legs, and 3mm on the arms for flexibility, and they aren't to spendy. Does that sound like it would work?
    Edit: 3:10 gives an idea of the Celsius conversions.

  2. flechman63 says

    Diving in the Persian Gulf in Oct I was using a 7mm but could of gone with a 5mm

  3. Chaos Theory says

    And the answer is to always use a dry suit so you can put on the clothes you need.

  4. theurbanshark says

    7mm suits aren't too bad I almost always dive with one

  5. Bruce Wilbur says

    I dive New England in the spring, summer and fall. 7mm with a 2mm/5 hooded vest works for me down to 46F 8C.

  6. GlamazonBarbie says

    I dive in Monterey, CA and the surrounding area. I have the SolAfx wetsuit. 8mm at the core and 7mm at the extremities. I was in the ocean last Sunday for 6 hours and was very comfy, warm, and feeling confident.

  7. dharmapunk5 says

    I dive in BC Canada, and I'm relatively hearty. I have a full 7mm suit, and a 7mm shorty I wear over it with an incorporated hood. I have 7mm mits, and boots. I took the colder months of winter off, but have been back in the water since the beginning of March, and my set up has served me well so far. Plan to do a dry suit certification and advanced open water cert this summer. Happy Diving mates!

  8. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    I’ve used 2mm in 11 degrees Celsius before without a hood, it was only a snorkel for 30 mins but still

  9. Philippe Iskander says

    I dive at the Red Sea, summer or winter I just use a synthetic T-shirt 🙂

  10. Lee Rigby says

    5mm full length in Gozo all year round… in the summer I drop to a 2.5mm shorty and in the winter I add gloves and hood. Thinking about getting a semi for Dec-Feb next year as it's a bit cold at times.

  11. Kimon Froussios says

    I've used a 7mm with built-in inner vest down to 6-8C in a quarry in the south of England. Not pleasant and not really viable beyond 10-15mins. Just good enough for a quick drill.
    I've used the same 7mm in 21C mediterranean waters and found it very cozy and nice.
    In 16C (summer south England coast or early spring mediterranean sea) it works well enough, after the initial chill of entering the water.

  12. John McGuinness says

    Im looking at getting a 7mm suit. I dive in melbourne Australia, temperate water

  13. Gareth Dyer says

    This. This is good video.

  14. Zachariah Pohopin says

    Love your videos, but for my fellow morons who use Fahrenheit we would appreciate it if you would also put in text what that temp is in fahrenheit. thanks

  15. joshua smith says

    I use a 3mm when I dive. That being said, I don't dive when it's cold out.

  16. Anders H. Andersen says

    You are missing info about how wetsuits looses insulation and buoyancy at dept

  17. Splankey says

    Because I don't feel the cold that much, I personally use a 3mm suit when I'm diving in the Mediterranean and my 7.5mm semi dry for the UK

  18. Abd Elrahman Gad says

    I use a 5 mm in that time of the year in dahab Egypt

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