Essential Scuba Diving Gear & How to Choose the Right Gear | ADRENO

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What gear do I need to go scuba diving? How do I know that I’m buying the right scuba diving gear? These are common scuba diving questions that we hear here at Adreno, so Adreno Brisbane’s Josh Cooper talks us through the key diving pieces of equipment and how to ensure you’re getting the right gear for you.

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  1. CEDRIC SAIKE says

    How about the mask? J

  2. caetano coutinho says

    Hi can I chose different company parts for scuba gears example regulator aqualung n gauge other companies. Will it wrk properly n fit

  3. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Nice video
    I am impressed
    I have liked and Subscribed wont you please do the same

  4. Rambo 2.0 says


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