Scuba diving for treasure and Fun near Nimbus Dam on the American River

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Hi People! Comments are where its at! Today I am SCUBA diving Lake Natoma again, not to far from Nimbus Dam. This is really just a widened portion of the American River. I recover lots of goodies and spend almost two hours under water…
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Rating: 4.12

  1. Captain Jack says

    There was a locket in your last underwater scene.

  2. FinzaXz Games Official says


  3. Brandon Boyd says

    did you experience seing dead body under water?

  4. David Negrete says

    looks like a bunch of junk. I would love to scuba dive though

  5. Poor Redneck World says

    So did any of the cells work???

  6. Leo Baloy says

    Did you found a drugs under the ocean

  7. Женя Ф says

    Fakeass bullshit!

  8. mArLLy Yamson says

    Hey mok! Better if you got metal detector too…

  9. Todd Mabry says

    Anyone else notice the blunt wrap at 1:18

  10. Марат Халилов says

    А что мусор не собераеш ???

  11. Николай Карн says


  12. Stephen Gispanski says

    Hay there, look like you went over some cones. I keep seeing cones again. Looks like you are in about 20 to 30 feet of water. I fee dive but I have not the set up that you have. My son just got me a metal detector, an Marnur and I have already found some cones. Wish I had the set up you have, I have some nice spots that I know that I will find some very nice things. Anyway you are making me want to go and find more. Hats off to you and I will be following you in the future.
    Stephen, St.Petersburg Fl.

  13. Loitur Gaming says

    I live close to nimbus would be fun to dive with you one day. I’ve only ever used scuba gear in a pool though.

  14. Yogesh Rana says

    You should keep a metal detector

  15. Purple Rain says

    Well you’re down there picking up things like a toothpick it would be nice to see you collecting trash and actually really not cleaning up the ocean floor since you’re already down there. Probably too much to ask for though

  16. RoTTieification says

    Open a sunglass store

  17. Emeyly Triana says

    nice .. loved it

  18. good spirits says

    so you basically found a bunch of wothless crap?lol

  19. Noe Vela says

    Vistes a Dory y a Nemo por ahí amigo

  20. Dr. Spliff says

    Nice video.

  21. Noble Sir Knight says

    Hi Friend, you missed that golden butt plug. I have seen them in this video before where this female librarian…well anyway it was one. It was hard to see because it was a bit browned up, possibly from the mud..or not. Looks like about ten ounces of gold there. May the lord speed you back there to it asap.

  22. jeffery campbell says

    U pass a handgun

  23. BJOlson says

    I was fishing from a float tube at the base of the nimbus dam and we were kicked out. They said you couldn't be out in the water due to strong undercurrents from the dam if they were to open a spillway. Careful out there man.

  24. Liky Lawlliet says

    you should have taken those drugs to use broo LUL

  25. خلف العلي says


  26. duell collins says

    You need an underwater metal detector.

  27. Bryan Perez says

    EY soy el único que miro un anillo en el minuto 5:36 miren bien se ve un anillo claramente :O

  28. Andy Olsten says

    I enjoy watching your videos, thanks for posting them.

  29. George Hinterlong says

    At 1:38 in video it looked like a ring to right of pieces you picked up

  30. -ƁÄƤHØMƐƬ1x- says

    DALLMYD is a better diver. He picks up bottles , junk etc and calls police when finding guns and drugs

  31. TheReaL LEFTY2gunz says


  32. Duke K says

    Next time use a metal detector

  33. DS Rai says

    You should think about some diving along the Florida cost. There must be tonnes of coke there.

  34. Sajad ehsani says

    In den geht

  35. Tony Espinoza says

    Click bait

  36. Filipe Codeco says

    deixou o lixo para traz no like

  37. Babaan Khalaaf says

    Wow kyocera flip phone..I love that phone man..

  38. Carl Schmiedeke says

    Why aren't you pulling out the trash, I mean ya might as well, your already there, so why not clean out the lake a little

  39. James Spingola says

    You missed a revolver at 3:00

  40. Bongki Suherman says

    My favorite chanel…

  41. Paula Udell says

    You need a metal detector with all that sediment.

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