Diving In Alor: Perfect Visibility & Amazing Coral Reefs

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In this week’s episode it’s just me (Nick) as the Goats were invited on the epic Trip Of Wonders scuba diving trip of 2017 by the Ministry of Tourism Indonesia and Wonderful Indonesia!

Because Dariece isn’t a diver, she stayed back in Bali while I started the amazing 13 day diving trip to 3 of the top scuba locations in the world, Alor, Komodo and Raja Ampat in Indonesia.

The trip starts here in Alor and I have to say that it started off with a bang! The visibility and diversity of coral and fish life in Alor was astonishing, as you can see by the clips.

Diving in Alor is highly recommended and we have a guide on our blog to teach you exactly how to do it. Check it out here:

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This Video Was Shot Using:

Canon G7x Mark II

DJI Spark Drone

GoPro Hero 4

***All Music is used with the intention of copyright free usage. I don’t intend to steal anyones music and always give full credit for music used in these videos. I find the videos from valid ROYALTY FREE sources. If the music in this video infringes on copyrights, please contact me.

Special Thanks to Wonderful Indonesia and The Ministry Of Tourism Indonesia for organizing The Trip of Wonders 2017 dive trip and inviting me to take part.

Some Clips Were Created By:

Pinneng & Gamala

Art of Scuba Diving

Rating: 5.00

  1. Nicky Looho says

    Great vid!

  2. Michele Muratore says

    Let's keep this last place… pristine…

  3. Traveling exotics says

    beautiful video ! Goats On The Road ..

  4. mas tith says

    Wonderful indonesia

  5. Battered Backpacks says

    Awesome video guys! The visibility was sick! Definitely a great diving experience!

  6. Ken Liu says

    Love your videos and finally had to comment haha. It's great to know that there are still pristine waters around the world.

  7. Geoff Mitchell says

    Always a great video…."your Grenadian connection"

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