Raja Ampat – best diving in the world

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Thx for watching my video. If you have any questions about Raja Ampat, homestays, resorts, divesites, how to get there, not hesitate to send an email to [email protected]
Never forget we just guests in the underwater world. Treat places like Raja Ampat with respect when you go diving.

Rating: 4.81

  1. allisfaith says

    Love this!

  2. Broski319 says

    Was this filmed in the North or South of Raja Ampat? Or both?

  3. JJJ J says

    I've wanted to visit RA for a few years now, and finally next week I'll be there. I'm excited to be going, but I have a feeling I'm going to see a lot of the crap that you see at other wonderful unspoiled places that quickly make it onto the tourist radar….. Well, best to see it now because I have a feeling the next few years are not going to be good for RA, environmentally speaking.

  4. v1czero says

    Respect Mother Nature to have birth this heavenly place on the Earth.

  5. Esteban Loiacono says

    WOWWWW Loved your video!!! is amazing the amount of fish you can see there. We are planning on going in April, but our budget is not that high, could you recommend us the best dive spots for you because we can't pick that much places… Also if you can recommend a company for the dives would be great. Thanks!

  6. Joe Dover says

    the music is a bit annoying otherwise a great video

  7. REza Firmansyah says

    hayang nguseb nempona teh

  8. pestivideo - Peter Löseke says

    super Aufnahmen! Schöner Film!

  9. Mike Gerrie says

    I was watching another video on YouTube and switched back to my cave project as I played my footage of the cave your video must have started and I didn't know where the music was coimg from but it fit perfectly with my clip of the cave. Could you please share source of music please. Also love your work have liked and subscribed!

  10. Victor B.R. says

    just amazing!!!!

  11. Alex Morgun says

    What month? So much fishes!

  12. Zinaida Belonoshko says

    Great video about amazing Indonesia! Thank you for sharing!

  13. Minimaland88 says

    Planning to go in Jul/Aug. Can recommend a good dive center?

  14. Olga says

    Really Awesome! I'm using FCP since short and still don't manage to get the colors I want! Btw, apart from the video, THANK YOU for what you say!!! All the dive guide should share these strong ethic! Thank you!

  15. Orang Gunung says

    It's paradise … I wish I have chance to go there…

  16. Nta Nta says

    Ternyata byk surga yg tersembunyi.

  17. Well said! Too much damage is being done by divers! Especially macro photographers. Thank you for pointing this out, the dive industry is always in denial about this aspect but the reality is, Raja Ampat dive sites are being destroyed by waves of divers.

  18. Maria Galea says

    OMG! cant wait to experience this myself

  19. Khaled Al-Habib says

    Thank you all the team who made that wonderful film and well presented for RAJA AMPAT

  20. amelia sisca says

    indonesia gk ada saingannya muaachh

  21. Traveling exotics says

    Nice !

  22. Hendra Ong says

    Wonderful Indonesia….

  23. iwan rosmayadi says

    indahnya Indonesia

  24. JCA ELITE SCUBA says


  25. JulianDocumentary says

    I think I like Indonesia.

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