Oahu Diving's First Time Diver Program, What to Expect

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Welcome to Oahu Diving’s First Time Diver Program. If you’re interested in SCUBA diving with us this video will give a general idea of how the tour works. Diving is extremely safe but there are important rules you must follow. Performing the Valsalva maneuver or “clear the ears” while descending is essential to a trouble-free and safe diving.

First Time Diver Program

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  1. Widget says

    Equalise often and early, ascend slower than your smallest bubbles and stay calm. You'll have a great dive.

  2. yellownp22541 says

    How deep did you go? I am waiting for my physical exam to clear by next week. Thanks for sharing your beautiful experience.

  3. xv lv says

    I couldn't equalize underwater. My ears hurted too bad so I panicked and rushed back up. Still need to practice!

  4. retrobanana6 says

    I want to dive but have been very nervous and anxious about it. Watching this video taught me a lot and showed me a lot I didn't know! It made it look a lot more achievable. Very helpful video!

  5. Sally Tyson says

    I can't wait!!!

  6. Stephanie Sapine says

    adventure time

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