Top 15 Wreck Dives In The World – Part 1

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Thank you so much for watching the Top 10 Wreck dives in the world, here is the list!

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10. Shipwrecks graveyard of the atlantic

9. The Bianca C “The titanic of the Caribean”

8. Jake Seaplane

7. The MS Zenobia, Cyprus

6. USAT Liberty

5. S S Thistlegorm

4. Shinkoku Maru

3. U.S.S Kittiwake

2. SS President Coolidge

1. Yongala

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  1. andreandrade says

    A list without the Big O is an incomplete list

  2. Ash Thornton says

    F to the boys

  3. Brad Olsen says

    Dude when you do these documentaries like this learn proper English etiquette speak full language correctly you speak like a stupid ass millennial you need to proofread before you post please

  4. Armando Ferreira says

    I dived the Thistegorm a few years ago. Maybe it's missing naother wreck I dived, the RMS Rhone in the BVI.

  5. Maria Nida. E. Desantores says

    The Philippines and Japanese.

  6. Diver 77 says

    The Spiegle Grove ???

  7. CamoLive says

    Man, at least read your own work. It was so obvious you wrote none of that. You didn’t even know how to pronounce some of the words.

  8. mxmbmx says

    your Voice is so damn annoying

  9. Keef Junior says

    Bee-YAHNK-ee not Bee-YAN-kissy.

  10. unisuit says

    You ever been on a 200 year old schooner with the mast standing? Great Lakes…..

  11. limirl says

    What the heck was #10 I couldn't see where you said what it was. I dived the Yongala many years ago and it was like diving in pea soup, terrible viz, tough current and it didn't help I was seasick on the way out to it. Under better conditions I'm sure it would have been amazing but it didn't stand out for me. Liberty wreck was cool but overrun with divers.

  12. William Poole says


  13. William Poole says


  14. JH Games says

    where da fuck is britanic and carpatia

  15. DeferGuard says

    RMS Lusitania?

  16. JH Games says


  17. jonah18 says

    The zen is a beaut

  18. isi schorr says

    i did the yongala and the liberty. my first and only wreck dives. great dives

  19. Jaz T-Seg says

    Will put those in my places to visits for sure!!

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