Best Masks – 2019

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Best Masks – 2019
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In this scuba advice episode Mark talks about some of the best masks to buy this year, whether it’s your first time buying a scuba diving mask or if you’re replacing one.


Mask collection

Cressi Calibro

Scubapro Synergy

Tusa Ceos

Oceanic Shadow

Aqua Lung Revel X2

Tusa Paragon

Presenter(s): Mark Newman
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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Artist: Mikos Da Gawd –

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Rating: 4.91

  1. ЖЮЛЬ ОН ДО says

    Не всем подходят все из показанных перепробовал протикают снизу купил с клапаном и все пробоема ушла очень комфортно


    waiting for the prescription lenses to come out for the zeagle mask.

  3. Raphael Ottoni says

    I am between Cressi Calibro and Big Eyes… what do you guys think? I wonder how much this low volume is?

  4. John Doe says

    Missing Hollis M-1 and Cressi Big Eyes Evolution Crystal. Both quite good, bought the M-1 just recently and love it. Tested the Cressi and was really good too

  5. ixand m says

    Could you review Gull mask or fins

  6. Paul White says

    I have the XS Scuba Gauge Reader Mask, and love it. It has a built in +1.75 positive diopter magnification in lower one third of the lenses, and it really helps me see my gauges. Sure beats guessing how much air I have left. LOL…..

  7. Hans Laurentius says

    I think you have forgotten omer which a few of them are the out of this world . The silicon clear masks a not recommended for spearfishing, most of the time it spoke the fish.and in some time it creates panic under the fishes!

  8. Sam Payne says

    Also I want one of those cressi ones but Mom wouldn’t let me get one (I’m 16

  9. bemolable says

    The best one for me it's the CRESSI NANO because it fits my face so well lol

  10. Alshazly Hassan says

    Also thanks a lot really good job

  11. Alshazly Hassan says

    Can you told us more about the price plz

  12. joshua smith says

    I've had the same dive mask for over 10 years. Take care of your equipment, and your equipment will take care of you.

  13. Chelsey Late says

    I love the salvimar Noah. Low profile. Incredible wide view. Soft silicon. One of the best.

  14. Sam Payne says

    I love your videos but could you possibly do some with you diving

  15. XeTrOnIx The Wolf says

    I Bought The White And Blue One!!

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