1. AMY LE says

    Have you seen this video of diving in Bali https://youtu.be/e-UujFVwfwQ

  2. Polyp Pros says

    Hey where was this? I wanna check out this reef. Do I have to be scuba certified?

  3. Yamir_Tarot33 says

    What an amazing video, love the shrimps cleaning the teeth! Lol

  4. Sekai Ni Heiwa says

    When i first time snorkel in coral reef , i felt that i am in another world, time stopped , ultimate present feeling , all miserable everyday thoughts just vapour. I snorkel 4 hours without a break. 
    Just shit my pans when I saw murena , its was pretty scary, hollywood childhood trauma 🙂
    but later i met 2 baby shark and it was ok, so Spielberg did shit job didnt caused me trauma. fuck him and entire hollywood anyway.

  5. Sekai Ni Heiwa says

    Where i can take quick class of diving in Bali? Shocking nice video!!!

  6. max lim says

    Amazing video! But can I ask, what was the deepest depth for this dive. I couldn't really see the gauge and dive com in the vid.

  7. Saafirah370 says

    hi thanks for this video its brilliant. please can i ask for your recommendations on dive destinations and sites please? hoping to visit soon for my first ever holiday 🙂

  8. tardas nainggolan says

    BALI, INDONESIA #wonderfulindonesia

  9. SEA - AIR - LAND says

    Right, I was a GoPro gen1 … the newer gopros are even better than that:-)

  10. tallaganda83 says

    What was it filmed on ? was it a gopro? its pretty good footage.

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