BBC Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough 2of3 || VISITORS – HD 1080pi.

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Part 2: Visitors
David discovers the creatures that visit the reef every year, from birds to whales, some travelling thousands of kilometres to get there. Using the latest technology, David dives into the shark-infested waters of Osprey Reef in the Triton submersible. Sixty years after his first visit to Raine Island, he returns to the nesting grounds of the green sea turtle and at Lady Elliot Island marvels at manta ray cleaning stations. New tracking technology allows David to follow the story of visitors like the dwarf minke whales. Stunning satellite imagery and computer animation reveal their journey and David discovers their surprising reasons for returning and why the reef is vital for their survival.

Rating: 4.95

  1. Damien Chance says

    What’s the point in saving the turtles’ eggs when they just sit back and let them get eaten before they get a chance to even live?

  2. Crayola Clouds says


  3. This Is Slammin says

    I wish David was my inner voice

  4. terry alston says

    flat earth

  5. craig brown says

    For once a series/video with HD in the title is actually HD in fact it’s full HD 1080p the amount of videos I’ve tried watching that say HD are actually 360p or lower. And what a brilliant series to have full HD then this which was filmed in HD anyway

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  7. Marmee Cruz says

    Wonderful series; Sir David Attenborough is such a Word Treasure!

  8. Siddharth Varma says

    Plz Upload episode 3

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