Diving The Reef!

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I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!

Rating: 4.95

  1. Deano Facking Ambrosay says


  2. Colby Herrman says

    If you get this message Roman I want you to come back we all do we miss you you can't be gone forever

  3. Phantom blogs says

    I'm 12 and I scuba dive

  4. Dillio 2.0 says

    You should not be using the thumbs up it means ascend

  5. KeViN _m10 says


  6. Ljob345 says

    That "squid was a cuttlefish fish they are insanely cool and can actually change color faster than you can blink also that can open up all their tenticals and hipnotise their prey

  7. John Gotti says

    I really want to came in is it OK if I can come over you how much I love think it's at one of the shirts how much are they are together the shirts I have in the forgotten

  8. John Gotti says

    Hey Roman Atwood and love your videos you know me I love your videos and I really want to McCain and is it OK if you still have those fidget spinners if you can tell me how much they are thank you so much I love you so much

  9. Oakley Tennant says

    Where is Noah and kane

  10. Lorraine Ogley says

    What? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? B

  11. Ryan Munoz says

    Roman should make smile more gogles

  12. Rachelle Alvarez says


  13. EvAn RiLeY says


  14. EvAn RiLeY says

    Smile more socks

  15. Sonny Bleakley says


  16. Sonny Bleakley says

    I'm watching in 3017

  17. Jong -Hyun101 says

    Thumbs up if you're watching in 2017

  18. captainrobots says

    i can be in a hotel longer than that and it be cleaner just because im lazy in the mornings before i have to leave so less work to do.

  19. Nikolas Auerbach says

    How many times do you go diving

  20. Colvin says

    Thumbs up if you are watching this in 2017

  21. Slimzy_every_day 8 says

    I think they should move to the Bahamas

  22. Natalie Suarez says

    roman you are awesome…… i wish i could meet you some day i watch your volgs everydady i love you so much also my name is natalie…….. comgrates on the girl

  23. Charlie Howcroft says

    Not me I'm watching in 1234567891011121314151617181920

  24. MadisonDoes vids says

    Yay may 8th is my bday they filmed this on my birth day

  25. Aiden Wentworth says

    I love your vids!!!!!

  26. Pb Dc says

    hi Román i am a big fan of. you your videos make smile more

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