1. Achilles Kum says


  2. Achilles Kum says


  3. Jack Straw says

    Can you spear lobs there?

  4. grumble1968 says

    Touching the coral. Touching the giant clam. Killing more lobster than you need. Just another empty headed twat with a GoPro on a selfie stick. Jesus.

  5. UAI SUB says

    wonder .. any day I'll meet this beautiful place and surely know you. write on my channel for you to see the wonders here of our Brazil

  6. rolf hugo says

    pretty woman with a horny figure

  7. huimin ershi says


  8. Jackson Howell says

    Lmaooo ofc girls would make a girl titled this way but it's half ass shots

  9. jgranger3532 says

    Girl Summer, I love your work, it's very good underwater and travel video. If I could be so bold to ask how you got started freediving?

  10. Александр С. says

    Обожаю море!!

  11. Marcin tak po prostu :D says

    fantastic body

  12. JP says

    sex on the boat, fish on the spear. was a great weekend!

  13. JIANHUA HUANG says

    你好 能给你发email吗 有这方面的问题想咨询一下你

  14. skyway rabbit says

    Highly enjoyable!!!

  15. Yueze Lou says


  16. Erika Yewsang-Gonthier says

    Dip shit Asians come here and don't O-bay the rules pathetic pricks

  17. Gabriel Arredondo says

    Donde consigo equipo barato para eso..?

  18. mesfin hailemariam says

    Isn't this a protected area? Sad to see people taking pleasure out of slaughtering beautiful creatures at a protected area that is supposed to be a heaven for all sea creatures.

  19. Anna Ja says

    I think a huge crab came out of her twat

  20. TheR3aL.M.s says

    4:52 asian and japan hoes likes sluts

  21. ervz19 says

    Small tits no good

  22. mandycxxxxxx says


  23. Monkey Angkor says

    i love this video so much

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