1. Basbosa Love says

    Is it just me or my first time diving was actually so good and fun an fresh?

  2. Widget says

    Most terrifying bit for me was first time breathing through a regulator underwater. Even in water shallow enough to stand, it felt innately wrong but 3 breaths later, I knew I'd have to stop trusting my instincts and start trusting my kit. I've now done 50 dives, qualified as a rescue diver and I'm going to do my Dive master next month. By far the best sport I have ever done, there's too much to describe it in a single post.

  3. nat c says

    ahahaha go girl !

  4. Mahendra says

    You are really great

  5. Sandy kaur says

    We enjoyed our time very much! Dive guides are very well educated and skilled, equipment is the newest but every size was available multiple times. The prices are very competitive and the location is stellar. In a nutshell, highly recommended! thank u sea water sports.

  6. mundo da Jamily says

    Sò que foi na piscina da minha casa

  7. mundo da Jamily says

    Eu ja fiz isso é muito irado

  8. The Mighty Octopus TV says

    Is it possible for non swimmers too?

  9. Zeenal Rodrigues says

    I have already did it and it is amazing I have done in kokan and it is only special in kokan and Cobalt Andaman and Nicobar

  10. Looks and Flavours says

    Well done

  11. S S says

    I love scuba diving

  12. In the end LP says

    It was the same situation when I had my first dive.

  13. Scott Thayer says

    The only person I’ve ever seen scuba diving above the ocean – kudos none the less

  14. Vitomir Maricic says

    uw topics are my favs. Cool.

  15. Aleš Z says

    my 1st ever dive was a discovery one on philippines, after 20 mins in pool i was supposed to retrain the basic skills in the shallow sea before going deeper. my instructor took me on a boat, then he told me to do a backroll, after dropping into water i almost couldnt see the bottom, he descended with me 12 meters deep, then he smiled and showed: remove your regulator and clean your mask. he was russian…

  16. Suhani Lohera says

    I want to go in deep ocean

  17. dijana andrejevic says


  18. Nick V.16 says

    im also a diver but im 13 its so cool yesterday was my first dive from the boat amaazing
    sorry form my english but im italian

  19. Willdoingdumbstuff says

    1:25 THUGG LIFE

  20. SeikiBrian says

    Watching this video again after 6 months, and I am STILL laughing at her joyful laugh when she comes back up. "That was fun!" is such a delight after her initial "That's not gonna happen."

  21. Loki Curtis says


  22. JCA ELITE SCUBA says

    are you still diving?

  23. JCA ELITE SCUBA says

    that is about an easy of an entry as possible. I could see the anxiety in your face before you went in.

    now, wasn't that worth it!!!

  24. Boris Matic says

    lol im glad other people freaked out too before this xD

  25. Leon B says

    My First time I was shit scared lol

  26. OkiPuhno says

    I would've drop kicked her into the water

  27. sandinyourshoes says

    This poor lady seems very nervous about the dive. I was glad to see that her coach was doing his best to encourage her about how she could do it well. Perhaps she was worried about hitting her head.

  28. Bruce Wilbur says

    Great Job!!Congratulations! I hope you are still diving!!

  29. Andres Diaz says

    My very first diving was very traumatic. When I jumped in the same position this girl was in, water started to get into the mask< when your in upside down position and you got water in your nose it flows through gravity to your lungs, making you cough instantly, which is not good under water. To top it off, the tide pushed me below the boat, so I was trapped upside down and I couldnt breathe. Its not as easy as it looks.

  30. Michael Strike says

    I'm a diver. I remember my first dive. Yes, you do all the training in the pool, but then when you are out on the boat with 90' of water below you, you wonder… Ok, I've got 50 pounds or more of gear strapped to me, including weights. Am I going to just sink to the bottom and this is it for me? Same thought crossed my mind. Put the regulator in your mouth, inflate your BCD to give you positive buoyancy, and it works every time. Almost done with my Master Diver Certification. For the record, I HATED my first dive. I forced myself into getting comfortable doing this as I was not comfortable underwater or swimming at the time. Now I love the sport. Good job. -Mike

  31. Eng Ahmed Halawani says

    i love scuba diving

  32. melissa o'callaghan says

    hahahahaha what a hilarious dill …love your work, hope you have kept up the diving.

  33. 11211069 says

    haha more scuba clips pls

  34. Sarah Gillies says

    My first class is in two weeks!!! Any tips?

  35. oneLukeFlood says

    haha it's great isn't it! I love rolling off a boat!

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