I Went Scuba Diving in a Zorb Ball & You Have to See What Happened… (Swimming on Land Challenge)

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So I went scuba diving in a zorb ball as a science experiment to see what happens if you fill a zorb ball with water and get in with scuba diver equipment! I call this the swimming on land challenge and this was amazing and so much fun! So to sum up, I wanted to know what happens to a orb ball if you fill it with water and went scuba diving, here’s what happened…

  1. Killem says

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  2. Water subliminals says

    Wasting the water

    Not cool

  3. S〈戰神氵雷雲〉 S says


  4. Fattah 412 says

    I wanna see ur gf face

  5. nym053 says

    He really wanted to pop that ball open with that knife haha.

  6. Morgan Henson says

    True fact: most people that get hurt scuba diving get hurt before going into the water.

  7. Bobby J's Reef Tank says

    The zorb ball gave birth to you kill em

  8. Kent Train fan says

    Next Video: Scuba diving in Space

  9. Dub_Dubb says

    Water has left the chat…

  10. Ethan Ruzic says
  11. Jon wshuai_111 says


  12. The Kassidy Show 101 says

    Moon: pathetic

    Tomas: 🙁

  13. William Webb says

    When he goes underwater it sounds like a marble hornets video.

  14. Valentina Escamilla says

    You are taking water from earth for nothing

  15. Scar Lin says

    Look at him,
    thinking he is underwater,

  16. cfc_88 says

    What's the point

  17. Zozo Loza says

    so embarrassing

  18. NanoShark says

    U have inspired to me to do nothing

  19. LongMan YT says

    14:20 a baby being born

  20. dheyon elzar says


  21. Araliya de zoysa says

    Swimmung on a pool is swimming on land

  22. Araliya de zoysa says

    Isnt this that same as swimming in a pool??

  23. TFB101 says


  24. TFB101 says

    im doing it at home

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