5 Deep Sea Creatures Faced By Divers!

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.5 Deep Sea Creatures Faced By Divers!


In recent years, advances in technology have seen more and more videos appear containing amazing footage of divers swimming with all manner of creatures never before seen. You won’t believe your eyes when watching this list of 5 Deep Sea Creatures Faced By Divers. Before we begin, make sure you hit that subscribe button to get notified every day for more amazing content! With this being said, let’s begin!
5. Giant Pyrosome
4.Giant Sunfish
3.Goliath Grouper attacks Diver
2. ??
1. ????

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  1. Josie Foster says

    On number 2, the whale shark, there is a reason he is opening his mouth at the diver. He thinks she has food. There's a video explaining that there are fishermen who actually feed the whale sharks so that they will congregate in a specific area rather than disturbing the fishing hole. So they basically lure the whale sharks with food. Therefore, when the whale sharks see humans they think they have food and expect it. It's only ever been recorded in that area. Scientists haven't seen it before but they figured out the reasoning. I can't remember the video but I'm sure you can just look it up. It's super interesting.

  2. XxKatexX Aurora says

    the whale shark is from Cebu,oslob,Philipines I dive in there but it didn't attack me if u touch it will be stress

  3. Its Merciless says

    number 5 slither.io?

  4. Dayone Biggz says

    Awesome Vid. Could somebody please tell me the title of the Kevin Macleod track that is playing 🙂

  5. Infinite Snowflake says

    Number 1 GaINt sQuiD

  6. Harrison Camp says

    Goliath groupers are not agressive towards people.

  7. tsayad yamar says

    When someone is in ur house unwelcomed isn't that self defense instead of an Attack…

  8. Kristine Marie says

    Why are you afraid of the whale sharks, they dont eat humans like big white sharks, only little creatures like small shrimps & planktons. That whale shark is most probably playing, distracted by the bubbles, it’s playful. Go to Philippines, we have many whale sharks that swim in our seas. they want warm tropical seas, and they feel safe coz Philippines has laws against poaching these giant and magnificent sea creatures, like whales, whale sharks, sharks, Dugong or sea cows, dolphins and turtles, and etc. It’s more Fun in the Philippines! hehe

  9. J.Z.G says

    I'm supposed to be studying

  10. Yahiko Uzumaki says

    That's why I like sea

  11. X - K says

    8:10 FYI whale sharks can't swallow humans. Their throat is barely big enough to swallow a grapefruit. They would choke if they even tried to swallow this guy's foot.

  12. Vukan Simic says

    Have a look how girl catches with bare hands a bigger grouper than that 'your foot swallower ' …..https://youtu.be/x0Y0Nd1kYaM?t=504

  13. Adrian Webb says

    I hope he knows a whale shark would die if it ate a person. It can't eat large creatures.

  14. JETTY WETTY says


  15. Harry Powell says

    Meters? Kilograms? Damn couldn’t you just had said feet or pounds?

  16. Rusty Hewett says

    Is it dead or a zombie???????????????

  17. Z E says

    Go checkout carboraider on YouTube he has so many knowledge

  18. Robert Clark says

    you spelled giant wrong lol

  19. Samurai Levi says

    The giant pyrosome is most likely a Siphonophore.

  20. Street Chronicles says

    I cant belive that stuff is real like its CRAZY!!!!!

  21. Superwholock2021 says

    i think someone already said this but the thumbnail is what a person made do show what the giant Leviathan from Subnautica would look like compared to the main guy in the game.

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