All my diving equipment for scuba diving and free diving

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In this video you will see all my diving equipment. Some of this equipment Is meant for commercial diving and some Is for recreational scuba diving and free diving.

Video of spare air:
Review of AGA Mask:

Link to the equipment and similar equipment.
Viking Drysuit:
Seac Wetsuit:
Similar to the Element wetsuit:
Female Element wetsuit:
Forcefin fins:
Split fins:
Spring straps:
Diving computer:
Free diving mask:
AGA Interspiro mask:
Scubapro snorkel:

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  1. I TRY says

    10:10 de göt diyor sanki

  2. Rajdeep Ghosh says

    Thanks for the info

  3. Trenton Silva says

    I’m interested in diving but have no idea how to start? Could you help?

  4. Airgun Evolution says

    What is the blue watch you wear in some of your other videos?

  5. Rubybinky Gaming says

    Could you give me anything

  6. Terri Smith says

    You speak English flawlessly!! Well done !!

  7. Zione says

    With the full face masked, how do you equalize?

  8. Henrique Burle says

    How do you pee in a dry suit?

  9. kajthomas says

    Are there something still for sale?

  10. SilverSnake says

    So you have everything except a flag?

  11. Fred Handrix says

    You're obviously not the Sunday diver… That equipment has been used. What type of commercial diving do you or did you do ?

  12. Polar Boy says

    We dont care we jsut swim

  13. Kimon Froussios says

    That looked and sounded more like the uwatec/scubapro depth timer than an actual dive computer that calculates decompression times.

  14. Dave Bell says

    Ultimate scuba fetish is awesome

  15. Harry Dunkinson says

    Nice video

  16. Killua says

    Den undervannskuteren er driiiiit kul

  17. Clorox Bleach says


  18. Tai-Wei Yu says


  19. Michael Lamann says


  20. Michael Lamann says

    How many yoke valves do you have do ythat u have any din valves

    Have you looked at the diving brand called waterproof they make good dry suits and boots

    If you need new fins or goggles go to Tulsa they have good skirting for their goggles and they are really cumphy

    Cool stuff

  21. thomas hansen søtvik says

    Æ e trønder æ, å hærregun korr tøff æ e

  22. MinePlaze says

    Bra video

  23. Evan Ruiz says

    This guy is awesolme he needs more attention seriously

  24. Anthoni says

    Nice video Christian

  25. SpacePug says

    you don't have a spring suit?

  26. OutDoor WithDeen says

    Please help me out subscribe to my channel, and I will subscribe to yours. It's outdoor channel. Anything from hunting and cooking outdoor to diving

  27. boxhunter 64 says

    Det er masse 😕

  28. Filip Nyhagen says

    Christian du skrev this feil i bio'n

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