1. Matthew Bucklin says

    I liked the music

  2. Kolping Youth says

    Are you wearing a weigthtbelt? looks like that…. Under the harness?

  3. Steyr lg 110 says

    aletas scubapro jet fin ??

  4. Green Manelishi says

    Eliminate the background music; it's terrible, too loud, and a distraction.

  5. HotaruZoku says

    Beautiful video

  6. Ian Robinson says

    I'm sorry I have a slight "tone" hearing problem, and your softly spoken voice was being drowned out by the dreadful muzac, so much so I couldn't finish watching, this is not meant as a criticism on your efforts to help us, just to point out the problems some of us have hearing your voice over the dire background noise.

  7. Bisse Eliæson says

    A really nice vid. I hope You will post many more.

  8. Анна Сванидзе says

    omg change the music next time, please!! this is psychodelic therefore I can't concentrate on what you are saying.. which is sad as the information is useful..

  9. Per Abich says

    Could you make a video like this for the reverse frog kick?

  10. Kathy Dowsett says

    Nice video—have shared! Kathy Dowsett

  11. hogo1 says

    why would you use the frog kick in the open water? the reset motion sprawls your legs and slows your momentum

  12. Peter van der Meer says

    I always found the frog kick to be very useful for going slow when wearing big fins. Normal kicks pivot your body too much.

  13. Hinkakan says

    Any video coming up for the back finning?

  14. operonandonandon says

    Thank you for posting this. Your advice has been invaluable for filming on sand flats and other silty areas.

  15. 1046Fay says

    Thanks for putting this together…I'm going to practice and adopt this until eventually I get it right

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