1. Mahi Guide says

    How about Balicasag and Pamilakan?

  2. Baba O'Really says

    Monad Shoal had the best visibility I've ever seen, we could make out things on the bottom from the boat 30 meters above, one giant fishtank. We also were fortunate to have a handful of thresher sharks coming in for a clean and to check us out passing close overhead.

  3. SecretBeach Palawan says

    wow palugaban cave is stunning insane beautiful

  4. SecretBeach Palawan says

    wow stunning but done coral is dead

  5. sinetwo says

    Great video! Where would you recommend close to Manila if you don't mind me asking? As I'd like to travel the least amount

  6. Wolfpack1254 says

    That dude is courageous… I do dive alone quite often but no deeper than 35 feet…. one tank a day max… then I'm snorkeling for the rest of the day…. and clear water, no waves… nothing to cloud up the pretty views…. my favorite thing to do… in a canyon, lying quietly on a sandy bottom between 2 pretty coral studded ridges, and let a hundred Sergeant Majors come around me for a visit…. love that feeling of ocean comradery….

  7. olentangy74 says

    Were those human remains at 10:45?

  8. T J says

    Perfect buoyancy. Spot on.. Nice vid, thank you..

  9. jenell73 says

    Amazing footage!

  10. Arnel Lacupa says

    the cave is the best

  11. Dwin A says

    Where is balicasag? Why it is not in the list?

  12. Jo Ban says

    You have the best gear, thank you from the bottom of my ♥️

  13. Underthethee says

    What camera are you guys using?

  14. arch sword says

    no Romblon, Blue hole dive?

  15. John Michael Logarta says

    Wow! Any new ones from the Philippines?

  16. Kini Tan says

    excellent footage

  17. gekkegeid says

    Thank you for yourre footage   a very nice impression  of Diving therefrom a cold hollandhere, its lovely to see how beautiful it is overthere!

  18. World Without Walls says

    GREAT VID!!! can i feature your vid in my advocacy tv program promoting the Philippines? All credits to you and thank you for promoting our country too!


    hey you didn't mention Anilao or Bohol in your diving compilation 🙂

  20. Marten9cz says

    very very nice video – profi,I will be here again in february —super
    Martin czech republic

  21. RR RRR says

    to dive in a cave is a little bit dangerous, because vulcano aktivities, possible  earthCrakes,  or heavy storm, or possible collaps of  the cave.

  22. RR RRR says

    Hi, which camara You used?

  23. Georgi Varoshkin says

    Amazing ! Better than a profi guide 😉 Just took my breath awlay.

  24. kirk's channel says

    fantastic dive… now im getting excited to go back to Philippines and explore the under water world..

  25. ikra says

    This is an amazing compilation. That cave dive looks fantastic!

  26. jupileric says

    I looks amazing. Diving is one of my dreams, I'll try to go to the Philippines in October for 10 days to do the license. Which place do you recommend? Thx!

  27. Trisha WitchBlade says

    Thanks for sharing!!! I wanna to tho Philis now!!!

  28. binondoboy1 says

    is that a human remain…??/in el nido

  29. Tony Exall Underwater Video says

    Thanks for the tip. I've not been there yet, maybe one day I'll get over there

  30. theo whiteman says

    following in your footsteps in 2013 bro!

  31. Tony Exall Underwater Video says

    For the most beautiful part of the Philippines, and very quiet, go to El Nido in north Palawan.

  32. TheYorkdevil says

    thanx for the vid man,i miss home.

  33. Larry Monton says

    Cant believe how clear the water in that El Nido Paglugaban cave, you are right, it's look like you're just floating,Amazing!!!

  34. Sage Sy says

    i would put tubbataha at number one, but thats just my opinion!

  35. LionRock08 says

    wow that cave is astonishing. must do a my cave diving badge. can't wait for updates. superb.

  36. LionRock08 says

    this is outstanding. always wanted to dive the WWII wrecks at Cullion Bay and Apo reefs. magnificent filming. the thresher is beautiful. thank you so so much for sharing. happy new year and successful diving this year 🙂

  37. epoch rosales says

    awesome…. thanks for the video.

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