Scuba Diving with Great White Sharks

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Why watch something on TV when you can live the adventure yourself? Meet the divers and crew who get in the water with massive great white sharks, and learn the truth about this infamous animal. Ready to live adventure? Become a PADI Diver:


  1. Sydney Stewart says

    I've wanted to do this for so long. I know this will get lost in the comments but please I've wanted to do this for as long as I can remember. Any tips to get started?

  2. Mogen Zo says

    A cage is not needed for diving with Great Whites. Nor is baiting. That's asking for trouble. Get in the water with these magnificent predatory fish at noon when they are just chilling out and they are calm and curious. Avoid dawn and dusk when they are ambush hunting. You will definitely be lunch.

  3. Lynne Christiansen says

    Gorgeous video of the sharks – truly breathtaking!

  4. Omar Videos says

    Great white sharks r beautiful magnificent creatures (sharks don’t eat humans without sharks the sea would suffer)

  5. Kris N says

    This is not scuba diving, this is sitting in a cage.

  6. Kimberly Burge says

    So want to do!!

  7. Sarah Falcon says

    Ever since ive seen them under the water instead of the just seeing a fin out the water changed EVERYthing on how i see and feel about the great white! Some people cant get passed the teeth and scars to see this as a truly beautiful creature!

  8. Keith Drummond says

    Beautiful and graceful

  9. Tom Pow says

    Wtf is that guy on about, you could go near lion or crocodile if you were in a cage.

  10. Joel Ledru says

    PADI, how can you teach your students to take out their regulator for a picture? Even if the oak is at a determined depth, it's still teaching the wrong habits to a student !

  11. WishAngel Spell says

    Stupid people! just let these animal live in peace!! Human is the worse species.

  12. Jolez _ says

    I'd drop a couple of depth charges before diving.

  13. Eden Christ says

    beautiful animals!

  14. Zarah McIntosh says

    LOOOOVE the Great White. So incredibly majestic and so misrepresented in main stream media. They need to be protected.

  15. UNiCoRn PeGaSuS says

    What a terrifying creature

  16. Thomas Franchino says

    Beautiful video! It’s my dream!

  17. forfar4fife5 says

    Cage diving is for pussies 😀

  18. WhyIsThat? Truly says

    Guadalupe Island is amazing. One cannot smell the beauty of it just by looking at the video. Highly recommended to visit.

  19. Fish On says

    are these privately funded adventures or is there a research grant involved?

  20. Fatty Mcgee says

    I've been scuba diving for 4 years now and let me tell ya, I have seen 5 reef sharks in my time and diving with a great white would be amazing.

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