Scuba Diving The Blue Hole and Barrier Reef in Belize

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Belize is known for having some of the best scuba diving in the world. I checked into Hamanasi for a week of diving! This PADI 5 star resort is all-inclusive and is located in Hopkins- near the Southern Barrier Reef. We took a day trip to dive the famous Blue Hole and it was one of the most memorable dives in my life!

More on Hamanasi All-Inclusive Adventure and PADI 5 Star Dive Resort:

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Belize:

Shot with RECSEA CWC-G7XII for Canon Powershot G7X Mark ii

Dive Computer: ScubaPro M2 (Mantis 2)






  1. Mike Ramsey says

    Awesome photography

  2. Lee Howling says


  3. Loco NoiA says

    Girl: time to dive in the blue hole
    Man behind her :
    Time to…into hooollleeee

  4. iGlitchyGamer says

    I need to go here. Just found your channel and subbed

  5. João Marin says

    Do you use any light with your camera? Thank you!

  6. Henrique Burle says

    Are you a divemaster?

  7. Tim Mattfield says

    Love that awesome Wetsuit. What brand is it?

  8. Gabriel Cundari says


  9. Dan Vaught says

    What kind of camera was used for the underwater footage? It was outstanding.

  10. Erik Toledo says

    even the rocks are scary in that hole

  11. Caleb Audia says

    What type of certification did u need. I have open water but I don't know if I should update to advanced open water… great video btw!!!!!!!!

  12. Crab Nebula says

    your blonde seems to be brunette unda there

  13. Philipp Fries says

    Wow! Love your Videos – go on like that ! I will go to Belize 2017 and am looking forward to the diving now .. Where was your best dive ever?

  14. karmatik MCN says

    1:25 You have such incredible production value….but you forgot to use a pop filter. Only $5.00 from B&H.

  15. JORGE LUIS Olavarria Meda says

    no, no like 4 you

  16. Rebekah Elizabeth Robyn says

    don't know how these videos dont have waaay more views, so good!!

  17. Ray Micallef says

    Hey great Vid …. I'm visiting Belize in March next month… thanks for the beautiful heads up on scuba diving in Belize and the amazing Blue Hole.  Cheers from Malta and me : Ray

  18. JulietHotel says

    Awesome video!

  19. Lifelessons Channel says

    your so hot

  20. Esra Alhamal says

    Great video and loved the under water footage 😀

  21. Růžička Cheb says

    beautifull !!
    We will to visit Belize.. 🙂
    You have unforgettable experience 😉

  22. T J says

    Did you swim through coral when that guy was standing on the seabed… seems careless?

  23. Hayley Loves to Dance says

    Is there an email we can contact you on?

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