The Best Cliff Divers In the World Compete In Thailand

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  1. Turell Hall says

    There pencil diving how does your nose feel

  2. HACHI - ROKU says

    Is that in the thumbnail a gurl?

  3. Ajan Sama says


  4. Anuwat Kulabut says


  5. Raju Sangada says

    Raju Kumar
    Raju Bhai

  6. Mukul mukul says

    vv nice bro

  7. Pruthvi Shinde says


  8. ZiSt1989 says

    this summer season I had the guts to learn how to do a header off a 3 meter tower. it felt really good, despite some minor bruises.
    and then I saw this here. oh lord.

  9. Abadi Hassan says

    I was 6 but now I am 11

  10. Abadi Hassan says

    Sorry I just realized this video but made it the same day as my birthday

  11. Sara Dobravc says

    It is beautiful here.that is

  12. Mat J says

    Obligatory big balls comment here

  13. Blkbl Lhadi says

    هل يوجد عرب هنا

  14. أّلَبِر نَِّس says

    اقدح ياالبريطاني هههه

  15. Haloui Mohamed says

    2018 ?!

  16. MD Istiyak says

    Aap log humko apna grop me le ligye

  17. MD Istiyak says

    Very nice

  18. Ana Craciun says


  19. Giribabu M says


  20. Realeyesrealizereallies says

    Isnt diving head first? This is more like jumping in the water. Impressive though.

  21. Shaik Yakub says

    Mashallah super is beach

  22. javed hamdam says


  23. ABBAS Janan says

    City name


    great jumpers

  25. Ashu Sharma says


  26. VIPIN DANGE says

    Mind blowing

  27. abdul Khaja says

    k shiva kumar

  28. Nikki Yadav says

    Nice jump

  29. cartoon upload DF says


  30. loucity2 says

    Nice to mole you.

  31. Austin Scoots Life says

    I hate form itz sooooooooo stupid

  32. Mubarik Mohammed says

    Wow is so beautiful I wish am one of them

  33. Badattitude Jones says

    These people are amazingly crazy

  34. Kevin Diallo says


  35. Haris Shaikh says


  36. sien na says


  37. Dipak Lohra says
  38. Sandip Makwana says


  39. Blue Danish Cheese says

    I wish i can have a friend to go together

  40. Daniel Chacon says


  41. Nathaniel Silva Rodriguez says

    q tuani

  42. Syed Nadeem Hussaini says

    great brothers well done

  43. Angry Guy says

    Crappy Thailand

  44. Zain Khan says

    I love to swim

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