6 Reasons Why We Go Scuba Diving

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6 Reasons Why We Go Scuba Diving
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Why are we here? Why do we go scuba diving, YEAH Mark why are you here? I won the popular vote you flappy snag hazard #flappysnaghazard so get outta my video. But seriously why do we go scuba diving? I’ve been asking myself this for years, I don’t really like the water, it messes up my hair and makeup, just kidding. With scuba diving, you get that sense of freedom so this video will sound a lot like all those go America videos where every other word in the script is Freedom.

So hi I’m Robyn from simply scuba and I’m back from holiday in Canada and here are 6 reasons why we go scuba diving.

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  1. Nunya Bidness says

    I've discovered that while Scuba diving the pain I feel from a debilitating back injury I suffered 3 years ago goes away as there's no downward pressure on my lower back. However if I do more then 2 dives in less then 6 hours I'll be in excruciating pain for the next 2-3 days

  2. HSSQ says

    Scuba diving is a lot of fun but I still prefer my longairholding lungs over it >:D

  3. Lezuum says

    Stupid things bad diving instructors do:

    – not putting buoyancy at the first thing to learn on the list
    – doing the lessons + practice non-bcd
    (like doing all the lessons sitting in the pool and not hovering)
    – using a bcd-vest instead of a wing and backplate
    – using regulators that share the same valve (like seriously! Whats the point?!)
    – promoting the use of second stage connected both to the first stage and backup-stage
    (so both are fucked either way, when the main valve fucks up)

  4. i am awesome sauce wang says

    simply scuba to 31k

  5. Bogy 1 Kinoby says

    Rock formations. History of wrecks etc. in general the silence getting away from everything

  6. Jekyll Hyde says

    Makes me appreciate nature and ou6t eco systems much more and leaves me in awe.

    Also all the troubles you have on your mind seem to stay up on the surface .

  7. joshua smith says

    I scuba dive so I can interact with marine life. Scuba diving is so peaceful and relaxing, at least until your your dive buddy starts panicking because of a shark. I had to explain the difference between an aggressive shark and a friendly, friendly playful one. Robyn, great job reminding Mark that you were the winner of the voting contest.

  8. Aaron Gradidge says

    I enjoy diving because it allows for complete silence and isolation! Living in the modern world, we are seldom offered that privilege!

  9. i am awesome sauce wang says

    i love this channel

  10. Robbin Staup says

    Takes me to another World . Let my family and friends , see new things threw my eyes .

  11. Robert Thompson says

    Because I don't have to worry about my responsibilities, and it's fun.

  12. Turgut Velettin says

    I get the freedom and forget all problems

  13. Simply Scuba says

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