5 Things To Avoid When Scuba Diving

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5 Things To Avoid When Scuba Diving
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Growing up your mummy or daddy should have told you not to touch this or do that and it wasn’t to spoil your fun, it was actually for your best interest. Today I’m going to be stepping in as your gender neutral caregiver but if you’re into it you can call me daddy of father if you are formal and I’m going to help teach you what not to do while diving.

Hi I’m Mark, and you can just call me Mark, and here are 5 Things To Avoid When Scuba Diving.


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Presenter(s): Mark Newman feat. Shaun Johnson
Writer(s): Mark Newman
Editor(s): Shaun Johnson

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  1. Khalid Hebshi says

    I avoid Dave while diving, father

  2. adriaan beirinckx says

    Don't touch Dave ! T-shirt print?

  3. Alin Mihalache says

    #gr04mic Alot of sharks there !!

  4. joshua smith says

    Avoid chili cheese coney's and slushes before diving, or long road trips. ( unlike Mark, I know this from experience, had to buy a whole new wetsuit.)

  5. SeikiBrian says

    1:58 "Don't…brake coral."

    * Don't break coral. (Someone needs to hire a proof reader who actually knows the English language.)

  6. Austin Temple says

    Hahaha Gender Neutral caregiver

  7. Derpy Para says

    Here comes the memes in the comments

  8. Remus Marian Dragan says

    Sugar daddy… that's creepy :))

  9. jimgam730 says

    I would avoid Shawn at ALL cost, daddy.

  10. seth bertrand says

    ok father

  11. Rea Raghunanan says

    All fizzy drinks and beans. Beans give me the burps.

  12. DracariaEntertainment says

    Definitely no touching marine life. Will smith recently posted a video learning to scuba dive and he was petting all the fish he saw

  13. Shaun Johnson says

    Someone… Please be my friend…

  14. Thomas Ford 829 says

    Sea urchins

  15. Widget says

    So I can't call you mummy?

  16. Robert Thompson says

    I'm a twit, but I ain't calling you 'daddy'.

  17. Team Peg Leg says

    1:59 But what if the coral are going too fast?

  18. netme187 says

    Daddy you help me when I get wet

  19. Baturay Kumbaroglu says

    did you just assume my neutrality?!!?

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