What happens If you hold your breath while scuba diving and freediving

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In this video I will show you why it is dangerous to hold your breath while scuba diving. And what you should not do when diving

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  1. Christian Wedoy says

    The small air tank In the video: http://amzn.to/2sO2gA3
    Review of the small air tank: https://youtu.be/A8oy_dQNfMw
    Video with the small air tank: https://youtu.be/ing4JFkWQl0

  2. E. Sanchez says

    Hey Cristian, what is that blue plastic thing on your wrist at 0:20? Seems like something I could use to wear my scuba watch when not using a wet suit.

  3. bayL3d says

    What is this in his left hand ? (This blue thing)

  4. Bobb S says

    But why? I have a question if anybody could answer it would be nice. When you take the balloon down the water the high pressure forces the surface of the balloon to shrink when sinking and expand on the way up because its pushing literally on the surface of the balloon, but aren't our lungs in our chest? like surrounded with bones, why does it change volume when going up or down? Do the actual ribs contract that much so they push on lungs? What if I put a balloon in a sealed glass bottle and did this experiment, would the same thing happen?

  5. Valentin Pedersen says

    What would happen if you dive when you have asthma?

  6. Junior says

    Protip: Get wasted before diving and your lungs wont expand

  7. Nick V.16 says

    Thats what you learn when doing scubadiving courses

  8. Branko Lisic says

    PLS eksplane to People sbout pstcial presdure in lobfs and how easy you cam list concious and thsts neman youee dead

  9. Branko Lisic says

    Prošle rake care on FREE diving itd dar more dangerous than scuba mean with tanks

  10. Lindinaldo Negreiros says

    Ola amigo esse cilindro dura quanto tempo debaixo d'água

  11. M says

    That's why i emptied out my lungs when i dive

  12. Dominatory Programs says

    So if I'm snorkeling and I hold my breath then dive if I still hold coming back up to surface I'll be good?
    2) if I do the same but exhale on my way back up is that safe?

  13. Mauro Maltagliati says

    horrible mistake in the explanation at sec. 48: you DO NOT HAVE THE SAME VOLUME (as Christian says), but THE SAME QUANTITY OF AIR, that assumes DIFFERENT VOLUMES ACCORDING TO THE OUTSIDE PRESSURE!

  14. Scubaguy12 says

    Hi Christian. How did u get the spare air u used in this video

  15. SwAg BrOs32 says

    well i have something to tell you about freediving…

  16. Oneeyedjack says

    very nice video for instinctive understanding.

  17. j j says

    Good to know if I ever become a secret agent or master of the universe.

  18. David Sanders says

    Sounds like barotruma that happens to deep water fish aswell with there swim bladders. When pulled up to fast fishing.

  19. Bar Nation says

    So if you do freediving you dont have to breathe out when you go up

  20. Philippe Virgili says


  21. FlyingVsonic says

    Could i get a link of what goggles those are? I need a good pair of goggles that can hold my gopro

  22. Manuel Bonvalot says

    Where do you buy that oxigen tank?

  23. Peter Ferry says

    Boyle Mariotte physical law

  24. Vtec for life says

    That's why it's dangerous to run out of Air while underwater as the last Breath You take will still be in your lungs and that will hence expand as you go up to the surface

  25. orestesmkb says

    In case of an emergency, if you're scuba diving and the air is up, should you go up while exhaling? (I'm assuming you're with no extra air tanks, or buddies, which I know is not the way anyone should ever scuba dive, trying to picture the worst case scenario)

    Also If you're freediving with no air intake, can you go up as fast as you want/need? Or does this cause problems, like the air inside your bloodstream? (The bends?) Or is that only a problem for scuba divers?

  26. Melro says

    What mask do you USe?

  27. Aileen Healy says

    cool video

  28. ApexHR says

    So you dont need to hold ur breath??

  29. Nilsber says

    Well now fuck off, you made me not to dive anymore, very thanks -_-

  30. Jerico Cruz says

    My lungs is not shaped like a balloon i
    Either or its thin? Innaccurate experiment

  31. Ilias PLAYER says

    Do u are feeling when ur lungs getting bigger? When yes than u blow the air out after feeling that u have more air in ur lungs!

    (sry for my perfect english language^^)

  32. Souhailll says

    but why you didnt died

  33. Chris Nanae says

    Please reply about this. I don't get what you mean but i have a question too can you still hold your breath when you go up and down with a no scuba tank? and the other is is it just scuba diving this can happen?

  34. Krouk _Pubg says

    332 euros rly that expensive i would buy One if it would be Like 25 euros

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