Scuba Diving in GRAND CAYMAN

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Join Luiza & Jimmy as they dive the crystal clear waters of the Cayman Islands. Tarpon, angelfish, tiger grouper & lots more!
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  1. Monz Gueg says

    my dream : to be Luiza's wet suit ……

  2. dzidzabidza says

    Thank you for great video.

  3. Kien D Luu says

    You two remind me of tha couple from that movie, Into The Blue 🙂

  4. Unseen Indian Places says

    nice video….where is this place

  5. Mike Kelley says

    The girl was pure gorgeous, in all seriousness though, I have a HUGE interest in learning to dive, been my dream since 2nd grade.

  6. andrew smith says

    Excellent video. I hope you have enjoyed your trip and felt the excitement of scuba diving. Though I have never been to Grand Cayman, but I have felt the excitement that my close friend shared with me after coming back from there. He was full of fancies and exciting memories and the way he shared it with me, I wish I was there with him on the trip. However, I have already planned my trip the Grand Cayman and I have already got the booking at the Wyndham Reef Resort Grand Cayman. Check

  7. Phil Cusimano says

    Awesome diving adventure, boy do I miss being able to scuba dive! It stinks to scuba for 25 years and then develop a medical condition that does allow you to dive anymore. It hurts!

  8. Phil Cusimano says

    Awesome diving adventure, boy do I miss being able to scuba dive! It stinks to scuba for 25 years and then develop a medical condition that does allow you to dive anymore. It hurts!

  9. John Harrell says

    I have been to Grand Cayman 7 times diving, west side, and north wall, once on north wall we saw 2 spotted eagle rays below us at about 200 feet, we were at 105, it's the best diving in the Caribbean to me

  10. Easy to see why the #caymanislands is one of the top #scubadiving sites in the world! Beautiful!!

  11. David B says

    Oh the heartbreak of Luiza in a wet suit!

  12. SouthWestCatfishing AZ says

    Breath taking underwater footage.
    Great work !!

  13. tlsmoke23 says

    I know G.Cayman waters are really clear. But those shots are sick. Thanks for taking me back.

  14. Hooked On Brooke says

    crystal clear video quality. great video guys.

  15. Joe Golden says

    Awesome video. Thank you for sharing. I never made to Grand Cayman in my diving adventures.  I have been to Bermuda, Connecticut, of course the Beautiful Gulf Coast of Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida, and finally Hawaii.  Diving is fun great to stay fit. I do miss it; however I do not dive anymore.  Thanks again you both for the awesome video. Take care and God bless.

  16. jaro259 says

    Hello! I assume you will not reply anyway … Great fishing adventure Luiza, keep it up! Ps. you are gorgeous! Greetings from Poland! (angler-amateur ;-).

  17. MrMetz2112 says

    How much money does it take to purchase all the gear you would need to get into scuba diving ing?

  18. Army4Runner says

    Cool stuff. Thanks for posting this video!

  19. Rawhide Adventures says

    Just beautiful underwater video. Thanks.

  20. Eric L says

    Wow you guys, beautiful footage….I absolutely love the underwater shots!

  21. Terry Usher says

    Another great video. Wish I was able to dive. A stroke took that away. So I love watching you and Luiza.

  22. Janice Borland says

    Wow luiza! That was your best video ever! The colors, the clarity of the water the fish are just amazing! We are big fans want to go fishing with you guys one day!

  23. DennisTheMenace says

    What kind of camera were you using filming the dive? Sweet vid!

  24. steve baumgardner says

    Got to eat some baracuda and dolphin fish in cancun. What's your favorite fish you two like to eat? Oh, grouper was good too.

  25. Mike says

    I like the POTC remix

  26. spliffwizard420 says

    your the best Luiza

  27. jdogpro says


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