5 Movie Inaccuracies To Do With Scuba Diving

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5 Movie Inaccuracies To Do With Scuba Diving
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  1. Spuperman2 Videos says

    please do more of these

  2. Dan Bowkley says

    I think James Bond is actually the Doctor.

  3. Discrete Loner says

    I only watched 47 meters down and I thought I have never seen that kind of air pressure gauge. The rest I don't really know. I have not gone shark diving in a cage nor breathed with NO2 so I can't tell that for sure, even though that was the case, I still think that the sharks are ways too aggressive. Even though one of the women was bleeding, the sharks seemed to 'really want' to eat that girl like she has some significant meaning to them when the truth is they are two small human vs a bunch of hungry big sharks (the great white) and pretty much not worth the effort.

    Bond's movie is not a scuba diving movie so it is not surprised me at all that it was very inaccurate. *Just trying to make a joke out of this, but don't really know how*

    Here is a quick question. Is there any movies or films about scuba diving that is accurated?

    Thanks for making this video.

  4. Chris Hession says

    Proper term for that aircraft would be a Float Plane!

  5. Widget says

    Watched 47 Meters down with a bunch of scuba surveyors – in German… Didn't understand any of it but we all had a laugh at just how absurd the whole film was, from no equalising to a digital pressure gauge full face masks but not a good rope for the cage? From the presentation of being narced to how long 2 bar seems to last them to the absurd hunger of the sharks and how they seem to think it's more worth it to wait for the humans to leave the cage than it would be to eat any of the fish all around them. That entire film was just hilarious, great with some beers and snacks.

  6. SeikiBrian says

    The character in "Waterworld" with the map tattoo is a girl named Enola (played by Tina Majorino), not a boy.

  7. schizer says

    Now do Aquaman.

  8. sinisa lazarek says

    Hi, love the channel and keep up the good work! I'm surprised you didn't include Sanctum in the list. That movie was also very loose in terms of what's reasonable and what's not. Not so much wrong with equipment and physics, but characters (who are suppose to be uber pros) behave like complete noobs without a care or regard about anything.

  9. AttackofPandas says

    The point at 4:00 is incorrect, one of the main advantages of a liquid breathing material is that it's viscosity is constant due to fact that liquids are incompressible.

    Hypothetically if the breathing material was insoulable for CO2 then the liquid could easily be circulated similar to a full face mask with a rebreather as the CO2 would not dissolve into the liquid instead appearing a bubbles for easy seperation

  10. Oyesh Jiman says

    You guys talk too much.

  11. Terminal Cancer says

    The jaws guy may have been using poorly made hydrox

  12. Nicholas DeHollander says

    I love scuba diving but holding in my pee is the worst! Is there a way to pee with a wet suit on so that it doesn't just sit there trapped in your wet suit making it all stinky?

  13. Interstellarpool176 says

    I’ve gotta see these

  14. Neil Willis says

    Just checked out the Myth busters shooting of a SCUBA tank. It contained compressed air. What if it contained Nitrox (a nice high value) or Trimix.

  15. Dave Colvin says

    "Sharks don't go after people." "They hold grudges." Great stuff!! 🙂

  16. Martin Steen Jensen says

    Regarding the Bond movie….. Maybe he wasnt deeper than 12 meters, in which case he could have been under for about 200 minutes before decompressing. Decompressio sickness is also very individual on persons. If you dive once a week, your body kind of gets used to your skills or limits whereas if you dive once a year your body and yourself doesnt know what is it used to react. It differs very from person to person, the condition youre in, your healt etc. I have dived since 1996, and I have never had dc sickness. If you stick to the basic n.d. limits you cant go thast wrong.

  17. I cringed when I saw 47M there is so many things wrong with that movie but in there defense it is a good idea for a movie just take out 90% of the movie ideas they originally had and put a Terminator vs Mike Nelson situation or something like that

  18. wildbestia says

    To be fair the seaplane doesn't fly that high up to have significant effect. The 12/24 hour rules are for taking an airliner flyiing at 10 kilometers altitude.

  19. Sweezo says

    volume is real low

  20. Steve Krieger says

    In 47 M down at the end the girl is completely Narc'd out of her mind. I took it that the majority of the movie was a narc induced dream and they were not down that long in reality.

  21. Jonny Bravo says

    I don't think the argument for The Abyss regarding CO2 is valid. In fact, I think they do address it when they inform Bud of the time limit associated with the liquid he's "breathing".

    Remember, as he's sitting on the bottom after disabling the nuke, he tells Lindsey he knew it was a one-way trip. My theory is that just like a rebreather scrubs the CO2, the liquid system had similar scrubbers. The liquid would be properly oxygenated and scrubbed by a finite supply contained within the suit. Or, maybe there are no scrubbers at all. The time limit of the dive is the point at which the fluid is too contaminated with CO2 to support life any longer. In either case, I think they addressed the CO2 problem.

    The real problem, besides the absurd pressure he'd be subjected to at those depths, is the ability to move enough fluid at a fast enough rate. There would have to be some kind of pumping mechanism to augment his diaphragm, which would likely involve a tube down his trachea into his lungs. The suit shown implies his own diaphragm is able to manage the appropriate flow rate.

    Oh well… regardless of the issues, I still love the movie 🙂

  22. Kimon Froussios says

    We were thinking to go watch 47m down with the diving club. Then we saw the trailer and promptly aborted the plan…
    Eventually I watched it at home. If you watch it as a parody version of Jaws or as a "spot the errors" type of thing, with booze and pizza it's ok. If you expect a serious scuba movie, no….

  23. Soma Boyd-Gibbins says

    Its called a seaplane

  24. EddieGuy VH says

    What do you think about Into the blue (movie with Paul Walker and Jessica Alba). Not many extreme errors in my opinion.

  25. Jonathan Emmett says

    47 meters is my favourite movie to watch as a divemaster and a marine biologist lol ….. a must watch for all divers

  26. joshua smith says

    Y'all should check for inaccuracies in the movies, fool's gold and deep blue sea.

  27. Shaun Johnson says

    Gunna need a bigger boat… Best movie line ever!!!

  28. Woof Bear says

    First comment

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