Scuba Diving – How to Cope With Nearsightedness

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Whether it’s a wreck site, or a reef brimming with colorful marine life, the ability to view breathtaking underwater sceneries is one of the finest rewards of scuba diving. Thus, an excellent field of vision matters a lot in this recreational sport where myopia becomes the gravest, if not the worst enemy of scuba divers.

Myopia is a medical condition affecting the cornea or the eyeballs which results to a limited focus of certain distances; where any object located farther than than the myope’s limit appears blurred. Myopia is commonly known as near or short sightedness and affects around 7 to 9, out of 10 Asians. If myopia is getting in the way of scuba diving fun despite being equipped with high performance scuba gear, here are few remedies you can pursue to compensate for you lack of “foresight.”

  1. Get a Laser Eye Surgery. This will correct your eye condition pretty much indefinitely. While the operation would cost you a bit, if you think it’s worth a few grand then go for it. However, you will have to wait a few months before engaging in any scuba diving activity (as prescribed by your doctor) in order to prevent the onset of eye infections.
  2. Wear Contact Lenses. Disposable soft contact lenses should be able to help you get a clearer view of the underwaters. Moreover, soft lenses will not easily get lost in the water even if you’ve flooded your mask. And because said lenses are disposable, it wouldn’t cost you a lot to get a replacement in case one of the lenses drifts away during the dive.
  3. Invest in a Scuba Diving Mask with Optical Lenses. If you’re more comfortable with the wear of a pair of good ol’ specs on regular days, then masks outfitted with graded lenses should do the trick. Contact your optometrist to order custom-made lenses. Meanwhile, if the precise degree of your nearsightedness has been determined, simply purchase a scuba mask that is designed to accommodate optical lenses.So the next time you shop for pertinent scuba gear – particularly the scuba mask, opt for a durable, watertight and lightweight mask that is outfitted with interchangeable lenses (fit for divers with vision correction requirements). Do a bit of online research and you’ll discover that there are quite good a number of affordable scuba masks to choose from.

For hardcore scuba diving enthusiasts, myopia should not be a major hindrance since there are a number of ways to remedy the condition; particularly through the wear of dive masks outfitted with optical lenses. So why not invest in a set of IST Proline Zeus Mask today? The scuba gear [] is full featured with interchangeable optical lenses to suit your vision requirements underwater. For discriminating divers, the lightweight H2Odyssey Alpha 2 Mask comes with optical lenses especially designed to cater to nearsighted scuba divers.

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