Diving Osprey & Great Barrier Reef 2014 – Shark Feeding Frenzy, Manta Ray, Olive Sea Snakes…

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7 day trip on the Spirit of Freedom to the Osprey Reef and the Great Barrier Reef. Diving at North Horn, False Entrance, Admiralty, Castles, Steve’s Bommie, Lighthouse Bommie, Cod Hole, Pixie Pinnacle, Dynamite Pass and many more.


  1. Sebastian Serafeim says

    can I use a little clip of this video in my youtube video?

  2. Tina Privitera says

    I laughed at "The Dark Knight" score. Super intense.

  3. Gallus Gallivants says

    Awesome wee video! We properly love that destination as well. Can't wait to see more. Have a gander at our vlogs from there https://youtu.be/KUP8rgiuMnE also you should think about going to to Scotland where we live. Its always wet and rainy but the landscape and folk are fantastic.

  4. Mar & Mar says

    Hi mate, do you use a filter for your Sony and gopro camera?

  5. bobroo007 says

    This is a very well done video!!!

    Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. gintaras tutlys says

    lukas is my name

  7. Jeremy van Ginneken says

    Great video! What camera did you use? Where was the feeding frenzy?

  8. Glazier6257 says

    Loved it! The video quality and choice of music were outstanding. The music during the feeding frenzy game me chills.

  9. Lauren Krimsky says

    Fabulous video of a great variety of marine life…thanks for sharing!

  10. Oscar says

    Terrible music choice.

  11. Tanuj Mehta says

    That was intense!

  12. jeff gum says

    That is amazing shark footage!

  13. Radek Smid says

    Real pleasure to watch!! Awesome quality and music choice.What camera set up did you use?

  14. Deb Bailey says

    Awesome footage!

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