Best Places to Dive in the USA

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Join Mark as he talks about the top 5 best places to dive in the USA.

5. Monterey Bay, California

4. Kailua Kona, Hawaii

3. Pensacola, Florida

2. Flower Gardens, Gulf of Mexico

1. Florida Keys, Florida

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  1. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    This was epic and a lot of fun to watch!!!

  2. Samuel M says

    do one of ~
    Best Places to Dive in Australia

  3. Pulherst says

    I'm not sure I agree with your list. Kona #4? No Channel Islands? No North Carolina Outer Banks for wreck diving.

  4. Calvin Allsbrook says

    I've dived at the Christ of the abyss. A lot of the other reefs in Mexico look amazing!

  5. autorog1234 says

    The keys, awesome!

  6. Kourtney Sterritt says

    Mexico is not part of the USA…

  7. OBHSfolk says

    Monterrey Bay is OK but pretty murky a lot of the time. California's best diving is by far the Channel Islands (Catalina, San Clemente, Santa Cruz etc) off the LA coast. The Keys, no doubt number 1 in USA they have it ALL in abundance. Try the Keys "Wreck Trek"

  8. Meister Kaos says

    This is the same song that plays at the end of Ma Ko's videos

  9. SqueekyToy 17 says

    Morrison Springs in Ponce De Leon Florida!

  10. The epic Gameplayer says

    Number 1 anywhere Planet 4546B

  11. Dan Vaught says

    Nothing in the Great Lake? Lot's of great shipwrecks up here.

  12. Russell S says

    288 Lake !! Located in Houston Texas

  13. Jim Provost says

    Flower Gardens and the Keys. Been there…both great.

  14. Dan Stone says

    That was cool thank you. The Hood Canal in Washington State is also very beautiful. Below is a link to a short video.

  15. Robert B says

    Great List and dig what you guys do. I would include Desecheo Island off the cost of Puerto Rico …North Carolina …Lake Jocasse S.C ..etc …on a top 10 list

  16. Brandon Vega says

    The thumbnail picture is of the Aquarius laboratory in key largo. It's a shame it didn't get a mention. Unfortunately it's only available to dive by NASA and West Point. I have a video with some clips from my dive there on my channel.

  17. Julio Hernandez says

    No Love for Catalina? Deserves it over Monterey

  18. Fintastic Films says

    What about the US Virgin Islands???

  19. Ivory Johnson says

    For inland diving I like Mermet Springs

  20. Joshua Wade says

    I have to say, not that that I think your list does not have merit, that I am surprised that North Carolina did not make the list. We have some of the best wreck diving in the world – according to natives and Scuba Diving Magazine- both in quality and sheer quantity. We are, after all, the focial point for the Graveyard of the Atlantic.

  21. Connor Anderson says

    Can you do best places to dive in South Africa we have amazing diving here and I think people would like to know

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