3 Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

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If you like to swim leisurely in the ocean while discovering and being among beautiful marine life, then snorkeling may be just what you’re looking for. In fact, I am confident enough to say that snorkeling is exactly what you’re looking for.

Snorkeling is different and more relaxed than SCUBA. Snorkeling allows you to swim on the surface of the water, experience brightly colored fish, discover beautiful coral, and possibly swim with sea turtles, dolphins and seals. Sure, SCUBA has all these things (and more, actually) but snorkeling is more chill. There is no certification program.

You don’t have to lug heavy equipment around. And, you can snorkel on just about any tropical beach you come across.

Some spots are better for snorkeling than others but you’ll learn those along the way. For now, here are some great tips for new beginner snorkelers.

3 Tips for the Beginner Snorkel Enthusiast

Know the Ocean, Your Gear, and Yourself

Never underestimate the ocean. Even if you’re an experience swimmer.

Get to know your snorkel gear and its limitations. Above all, though, make sure you understand your limitations. If you’re just starting out snorkeling than try on your equipment, make sure that it fits right, and then spend as much time as you need in a shallow, calm area of water. You’ll be practicing your snorkeling ability, getting used to your equipment, and finding out your limitations. Many of the most seasoned snorkelers still do this once they arrive at their snorkel location no matter how many times they’ve been there before.

Don’t Touch

Seriously. When you touch coral you’re actually killing it. That’s just touching it! Imagine the damage you’re doing if you actually stand, sit or break pieces of coral and rock off for “souvenirs”. The marine eco-system is a delicate, complex interweaving of many things. Don’t disturb it if you want it to last.

Also, don’t touch the fish, turtles, etc. They don’t like to be harassed and the less that you do so then more apt they are to swim among you and carry on their business. This allows for great experiences, pictures and video. Don’t forget to not stick your fingers in holes and crevices. Some underwater animals, like the moray eel, are apt to snap at a hand and you may pull back with a finger or two less.

Stay Calm. Avoid Panic.

Things can always go wrong. Even in the relaxed atmosphere of a snorkeling location. Staying calm is paramount to survival. Know how to clear your mask of water. Know how to clear your snorkel tube of water. If you’re in a current, the best thing to do is to not struggle against it. You lose vital energy and could become exhausted and drown. Instead, swim diagonally with current and towards a shore.

These are just a few tips to make your snorkeling adventure a safe and wonderful experience. With each time, you’ll become more confident in your skills and learn the best techniques and snorkel spots in your location. Just remember this mantra: Know Yourself. Don’t Touch. Stay Calm.

Source by Ken Muise

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