PADI Learn to Scuba Dive

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Check out our latest video about learning to scuba dive with PADI. Want to start right now? Begin your PADI Open Water Diver Course online;

If you have ever thought about becoming a certified PADI Diver, this video gives you a quick teaser of what you can expect.

More info & locate a PADI Dive Shop;

Produced by: OCEANS BELOW CO. LTD.


  1. John Loresco says

    what's the background song/music? It was so mesmerising like your fully immersed in the sea

  2. Blue Holic Scuba says

    DIVING CHANGES LIVES PEOPLE! What in incredible experience and video!

  3. Salmon Art says

    I’m might be starting to learn soon! I’m so exited!

  4. Vagabonds of Sweden says

    Very nice video 🙂 Here is a link to our video shot during our PADI Open Water Diving with Ban´s Diving Resort:

    We loved learning how to dive through PADI. Excellent. 

    Follow us on our 14 months adventure around the world: 

    National Geographic:

  5. Statek63 says

    A bored woman – the worst recipe for a disaster 😀

  6. Pacific Blue says

    There's scuba diving and music, then there's everything else.

  7. Ali Bazzi says

    What is the name and location of this dive shop in the video? @padi

  8. Alexander Melnichenko says

    Need a place for open water certification

  9. done  my  first  paddi  dive  in  puerto delcarmen  spain  on playa  chica  beach  a  bit  strange  at  first   once  i  got  every  thing  right  i  loved  it  what  an  exsperience  of  a  life  time  i  would  recomend  mant diving  lanzarotti   when  under water  focus  on  the  fish  breathing  deep  the  fish  wrer  realy  massive   .

  10. Waterable says

    I'm still doing the PADI seal team

  11. mohammad chegini says

    thats very nice

  12. Cebu City Tour says

    One of the most relaxing activity you can have it in your life. Explore Moalboal while you do do your Open Water Diver Course

  13. t3h plonker says

    Funny looking at this promo video knowing the person in question Tamara happens to be a tec instructor and cave diver.

  14. Neel Naik says

    If i am visiting phuket for 11 days . How long is the PADI course ?

  15. Arnaud ROBIN says

    Because I love humanity … I love diving! – Arnaud ROBIN – FRANCE

  16. Chatting with Mark Stise says

    Awesome video, wonderful channel!!!
    I have liked and subscribed

  17. Amarindra Nicol says

    I wanna dive but I'm so freaking afraid of water

  18. Jaffer Sadique says


  19. AL says

    where was this filmed?

  20. Anirban Mukherjee says

    I am from India and I am very fond of scuba diving . We don't have any good institutions like PADI .. I want to ask PADI .. Where should i go or contact if i want to learn the course which PADI is offering .

    #looking forward for a reply

  21. BL4D3R says

    I kinda want to learn diving for the sake of being a marine mammal trainer :/ I don't really have any related qualifications and degree :/ but im still gonna try it out

  22. Capt Eric Bergeron says

    Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

  23. New Zealand Sea Adventures says

    Learn to SCUBA Dive at NZ Sea Adventures guys, we're axing to show you the life changing experience SCUBA Diving can be.. We have all the PADI courses and are Wellingtons Premier Dive Centre in NZ

  24. Ahmed Reda says

    it`s Gooood <3

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