Cozumel Diving In A Coral Wonderland (4K) – A Underwater 3D Channel Film

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This film was shot over a 7 day period in July 2017 by Barry Chall and features the incredible beauty and diversity of the Cozumel coral reefs. For inquiries about this film, or others, you may contact us at:
[email protected]


  1. Jim Ryan says

    Absolutely gorgeous. The color and clarity is stunning. I feel like this would be playing on department store display televisions.

  2. sarvesh m says


  3. Liz Toth says

    miss my diving here.. when you come back next time can you do some wall diving and some tunnels or caves? thank you for this one~~

  4. World Nature Video says

    Super clear and steady just wonderful and calming.

  5. Living Walks says

    We've just filmed a long natural sight and sound gopro walk through the town and beach which may be interesting for people looking for a snorkeling beach. Hope it's helpful? We enjoyed watching your underwater footage very much. Thank you for sharing.

  6. shah hilali says

    Which reef in Cozumel ? Is this Palankar Gardens ?

  7. Marty Bess says

    So awesome!!! Really pro! Can I ask where is this in Cozumel?? Please continue to share your work. – Thanks

  8. Silvano Rosso says

    Thanks for your comment

  9. Silvano Rosso says

    Beautiful video. For the first time I can enjoy 4K resolution via Nvidia Shield TV. With what kind of Equipment the video was made?

  10. Steve Jarrett says

    Very nice video.

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