Koh PHi PHi Scuba Diving with Blue View Divers Thailand

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6 fun dives with a awesome dive school in Phi Phi, Blue View Divers.

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Divemaster was JP. A young South African on his mission to dive the world.

song 1 – M83 We Own The Sky

song 2 – Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy ’94

song 3 – PALINDR ME – Siris


  1. Ice BarPP says

    Fabulous video

  2. Mattrick Swayze says

    Was all this footage from the same day!?

  3. Dan Vaught says

    The clarity and color quality of this is outstanding. I saw that you used a red lens, but your lighting is incredible. Did you do a lot of color grading in post or were your dives a little shallow giving this color? I can never get those kinds of colors or that level of stability that you get. This was my last dive and nothing was over 21m (70 feet) deep https://youtu.be/09xr6zUcPN4 . Great job. I'm debating staying Phuket or just heading over to Phi Phi for 3 nights and doing local dives there vs full day trips from Phuket.

  4. Iman Daniel says

    WOW this is amazing! Can I know what did you use/do for stabilisation? That cuttlefish scene was amazing! no idea how did you get so close to those shy creatures

  5. Peter M. says

    Pure gold!

  6. Bodo Schmitt says

    This is one of the best diving videos I have seen here

  7. Robert Milea says

    Stone Fish???

  8. 13지민 says

    Well…I’m adding this to my diving list…

  9. Mahmoud ElHefnawi says


  10. Mick Brandt says

    Can i ask what kind of mount you used for your gopro?

  11. Stevan Panov says

    Hello great video! Do you need padi license for all of dives? Thank you!

  12. John Fraser-Rigg says

    Great vid

  13. Divers Point says

    Awesome video !Subscribed 🙂 I am 16 years old and also doing diving videos, i would be happy if you would check it out 🙂

  14. Sceptic Frog says

    Wow so beautiful. Your underwater camera is outstanding. I came here because I am going to Phi Phi for Christmas 🙂

  15. rateyourdive.com says

    Great video…we love it. Please join our community and rate your diving school on rateyourdive.com

  16. Wulan Russell says

    Hi I really enjoy watch your video. Cause you're give so much details about the dive spots and the marine life. and I read your comments you're very responsive giving back and answer about all the questions. I subscribed you.

  17. Emma Pigeon says

    That was proper diving and proper editing my friend, cheers

  18. Luftaufnahmench says

    Phi Phi Island from the air https://youtu.be/TWKujT8SWGo

  19. Amanda Collins says

    Love love love the cuttlefish….I'm heading to Thailand in November and will be doing a few dives…..can't wait!

  20. Nureach VlogKH says

    Amazing I'd love to dive someday! Where its location?

  21. BeingJasonChong says

    Love the clarity of it all! The visibility must have been 30 meters or more?

  22. Greta's Travels says

    So cool! Such a great video! I've just put together my own scuba diving Koh Phi Phi video, but it was my first time scuba diving so was more focused on not drowning than filming! (hence the shaky videos lol) would love it if you checked it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQNdUBTbJys

  23. viNcEable says

    nice diving clip you have there. What setting did you use for your GoPro? is protune on?

  24. Amir Farhan says

    Hei dude ! What's the name of the dive site ? Im going to Phi Phi on this Oct.Cheers =)

  25. Malte A says

    Nice diving sites and great video!
    Koh Phi Phi is much greater than Similian Islands (was both places). What dive sites did you travel to in Phi Phi?
    And could you please post the track titles?
    Thaaanks 🙂

  26. ajit bhatia says

    sir which is the best season for diving

  27. Gizmo2017 says

    The colors underwater are fantastic. Did you use any filters & what type of lights did you use?

  28. abdullahanton says

    Hello.Which camera and editor?

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