Scuba Diving in Key Largo, Florida: Molasses Reef, French Reef, Benwood & Spiegle Grove dive sites

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The most frequently visited dive site in the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary, and likely the world, is known as Molasses Reef. During World War II, near midnight on April 9th, 1942, the Norwegian merchant freighter Benwood was on a routine path from Florida to Virginia, transporting a load of phosphate rock. It was running with no lights to avoid being spotted by German U-boats, which was common for ships throughout the war. The Spiegle Grove ship is enormous and much larger than any natural reef structure in the Keys. In fact, at the time of its sinking, the Spiegel Grove was the largest ship ever intentionally sunk to create a new reef for divers, and it remains one of the largest ships ever scuttled for that purpose.


  1. Hofe Thare says

    Those reefs look polluted as f..

  2. Hofe Thare says

    it's the mass pollution, sewage, bleach that is all released from plants and pipes that you should worry about fools

  3. Big red says

    I only wish you would have given more info about depths at the Speigel

  4. Mark Weiner says

    Glad to see no lionfish.

  5. Mark Weiner says

    Dude, get a head mount for that camera. Nobody wants to see YOU!

  6. Clarke Tipps says

    Fantastic video! I look forward to diving there! After watching ; I almost feel I've been there 🙂

  7. Mike Ramsey says

    Excellent videography and narration of your dive. I can't wait for an opportunity to dive along the keys.

  8. A Rising Tide Show says

    SEA DWELLERS!!! What a great crew. Scott is one of the best captains we've ever had. Great video, too. Excellent job with the narration, Karim.

  9. Matt Abraxas says

    What a great shot at 12:31 along with plenty other places. Just dove here a couple weeks ago and really enjoyed your video taking me right back

  10. Hussein Hadi says

    Thicc vid guy

  11. Bobby Mcflare says

    The turtle looks thicc and juicy

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