GoPro Awards: Great Barrier Reef with Fusion Overcapture in 4K

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GoPro Awards recipient Phill Gordon uses his GoPro Fusion to capture the majesty of the Great Barrier Reef with a group of divers and Ocean Rafting Boat Tour.

Shot 100% on GoPro –

Mounts used in this video –

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  1. But this is not filmed with a gopro fusion, please explain

  2. Web Agency Claim Creative says

    very amazing video… just one question? for this video you use only fusion? without a glass sphere as a diving suit?

  3. Samuel Musselman says

    Why does my footage never look this good?

  4. Everyday Pulse Films says

    New go pro video with old stock GoPro footage. My first edit with premiere pro too. Could use everyone's comments and pointers.

  5. brayan perez gonzalez says

    wuaw quien hyso el canal goopro es sen sasional

  6. Akamatsu Satoshi says

    Esto es un poco de todo

  7. Delfina Roca says

    It's sad to think how much prettier this could actually be.. more than fifty percent of the reef is alreagy gone. Let's take action!


    see the yinyang ?

  9. toogaytofunction 95 says

    This is epic!

  10. Frankland Islands says

    Absolutely amazing footage! Such a beautiful showcase of the Great Barrier Reef

  11. Gavin J says

    OMG ,it‘s so amazing !ansome !

  12. JEDIDUNCAN85 says


  13. TAPP Channel says

    wow this is great… 100k views within 4days? Nice

  14. Bernardo Bacalhau says

    I've no words to describe how perfect this is! Congrats Phill!

  15. Marek F says

    360bubble under water housing??? Can U tell. Is it hard to mount and edit Gopro Fusion clips in video software?

  16. Супер круто!!

  17. Tips & Trick game says

    bacod anying

  18. Sri Rahayu says


  19. Saddam Hussein says

    Australia is such a damn beautiful country

  20. dianecajayon says

    In awe! This video is beyond breathtaking. I wish it was longer.

  21. Dandy Dzakyesa says

    You catch my interest, GoPro, Again. I think there's no hope for 360 video, but it was. AHHH

  22. PK GAMER says

    very amazing 4k video

  23. Markus Ortner says

    Is this video made with a gopro fusion and a 360 bubble? by the way it looks just legendary!!! great work 🙂

  24. Michinori Mano says

    My only issue with the Fusion is that the stitching doesn’t work with underwater footage. Please explain how you produced this video. Are you going to provide a housing like that of insta360 one x?

  25. Какая красота! А в том месте, где рыбы кружат, так вообще трудно поверить что это не анимация!

  26. Philip Froloshki says
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