Scuba Diving in India, Andamans, Havelock Dixon’s Pinnacle v1

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Scuba Diving in India gives you outstanding views of tropical underwater ocean life.
Having got used to the equipment, the warm waters, yes 32°C and so on… we started to enjoy the dives. We saw some of the most amazing marine life that one can see anywhere in the world in tropical waters. Incredible coral reefs greeted us when we hit barely 21 metres below sea level.
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  1. Yagraj Hollywood says

    which city

  2. Radio On Tune says

    NIce place andaman & nicobar…
    From this inspiration i start my channel

  3. Harit Sharma says

    You need to stop with randomly voiced and unwanted voice over about how you felt or saw deep in there. Let it stay organic. Visually, it's brilliantly pieced together but, the voice over just ruins it for the people who prefer to listen to the bubbles passing through the camera.

  4. Vgfxx Vgfvv says

    What is the cost of scuba diving and what if someone doesn't know how to swim bt want scuba diving.

  5. Soham Roy says

    I am an amateur. Can we find trainers there who can train us properly before we dive?

  6. The Classy Gentleman says

    Oh gosh, I simply hate that Indian curry accent. Could you please speak a bit clearly?

  7. Spider Man says

    "How to become certified scuba diver"

  8. Paul Fisher says

    beautiful there!!

  9. Be Happy Always says

    This looks so beautiful!!

  10. Sayantan Mondal says

    What is the overall expense?

  11. Farida Pardawala says

    In this swimming is complusory

  12. Sohaila Ali says

    What camera did you use?? Was it a GoPro?

  13. Casual Brainaic says

    While diving deep, doesnt one feel preasure on ones head going deep as i feel it while im at the bottom of my 15ft pool ?

  14. CupCake says

    Sorry for the question: have you ever peed during scuba diving?

  15. Kartik Agarwal says

    How much it cost and much time we get inside water.?

  16. torpedo gamer says


  17. Aquanauts Diving says


  18. Gautam Kanekar says

    Amazing , the water is soo clean

  19. Sam Solomon says

    are kids of 6 year old allowed for Scuba Diving???

  20. Munta Nikhil says

    Is it ok if people don't know how to swim or is it compulsory

  21. Munta Nikhil says

    Did u guys healed the rope the whole time

  22. Dr. tabish Mansuri says

    hi….I wanted to know which camera u were using…..and I guess uve attached a pink or a red filter to that…

  23. Soubhik Paul says

    hii. Its amazing video.. Can you tell me which area in Havelock?

  24. Shaik Abdulgafoor says

    it is a good

  25. rupam pal says


  26. FARM-Bridge Foundation says

    Thanks for uploading this wonderful video…. Can you please tell me which month of the year it was when the dive took place?

  27. Krishnendu Kes says

    Truly enjoyed the show. Raring to go back and dive again. 🙂

  28. Sujata Göhlsdorf Bakshi says

    Gorgeous sights…
    Please explain how jellyfish are the end of the life-cycle?

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