I Went Scuba Diving in My Car & It Destroyed It! (I Do Not Regret a Thing)

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I decided to turn my car into a swimming pool and go scuba diving in my car. I totally destroyed it but I do not regret a thing! This is the under water car scuba diving challenge and it is a world’s first!

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I Went Scuba Diving in My Car & It Destroyed It! (I Do Not Regret a Thing)

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  1. Killem says

    1000 DEGREE BALL VIDEO HERE ► https://youtu.be/C57A2LrSNPU

  2. Sayit AsItIs says

    There's nothing remotely normal about you son!

  3. Xx LilDrew says
  4. Linda Mesa says

    I love you Moon! Your as funny as he is what a great team you make very funny had a grand laugh!

  5. Roger Rabbit says

    That guy in the back at 7:33 is like wtf

  6. Nic Sa says

    Watch until the evry end?

  7. Nami Craft says

    Can u fill the back of a moving truck with water and drive around all nite with u were the water is?

  8. Leo Milnthorpe says

    Play 100 hours of Forza Horizon 4

  9. Kenneth Eriksson says

    Thanks to you and moon, me and my wife got closer in to eachother. Me and my wife are watching your videos together and having a good realationship now. Thanks from kenneth in Sweden

  10. Astrum Stellar says

    is it just me or does this guy look alot like nick jonas

  11. silverfoxxer says

    Morgs done it

  12. LolDed XD says

    Next Video: Scuba Diving in my Grave

  13. Jacob Rees says

    Did you think that your car would survive? How thick are you?

  14. E says

    Who needs a swimming pool, when you can just fill your car with water!?

  15. E says


    Neighbor: Good afternoon Thomas

    Thomas: Fills car with water

  16. Paul Gee says

    SOME people will do literally ANYTHING for money. (except work an actual job)


  17. MongerMeSideways! says

    Actually, I worked in the diving industry and I have scuba dived in a car, many times before this, I though, was looking for bodies after a dam broke and turned the village into a lake.

  18. Queen Nicole says

    I love this channel and everyone on it!!!they are too funny

  19. Ben Painter says

    I can tell by the houses

  20. Ben Painter says

    You live near my nanny!

  21. Mem Mem says

    Minute was spelled wrong

  22. Cfans Fandan says

    There is a person at 8:21and 8:42

  23. Matthew Vlogz says

    Should of used flex tape…

  24. aidsterisawesome says

    Where's moon

  25. Kowalski Analysis says

    Soccer ball that came from mars


    You love to ruin some sedans

  27. Christian Foskey says


  28. Lauren Pickford says

    Congrats you did TGFs video. Again.

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